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Chapter 841 Henpecked

Lu Hang handed the documents to Lu Heting as he said, “The two plots of land that were under construction that no one wanted before have become hotcakes.

The other plots of commercial land are also being fought over.

Also, the municipal public transport has reorganized the area.

“Currently, with Jingbei Square as the center and its rapid development, its enough to develop that area into a new secondary city center.”

All of this was brought about by Su Beis plan.

By the time the buildings were built and they lined up in rows, the development there would be even more eye-catching.

Lu Heting tapped his fingers on the table in satisfaction.

He said, “I dont care about the rest but we have to get the biggest commercial land next to Jingbei Square.”

He didnt have any other intentions.

He just wanted to build his own business next to Su Beis business.

Yes, one could also use buildings to display their love for each other.

Lu Hang immediately understood.

“Of course! When the time comes, all the shops that the customers go to are our Lu Groups shops.”

Lu Heting raised his eyebrows unhappily.

“Su Beis things are hers, and mine are hers too.”

It was only then that Lu Hang realized that he had said something wrong.

He quickly slapped his mouth and tried to salvage the situation.

“Yes, yes.

Theyll only enter Su Beis shops!”

Lu Heting was satisfied.

“Hurry up and get it done.

Dont delay any further.

Ask me for instructions on everything.”

“Yes, Mr.


Lu Hang made a mental note of it.

In the past, Mr.

Lu couldnt be bothered to get involved with projects of this level.

However, as long as it was related to Young Madam, he had to take up the matter personally.

In terms of being henpecked, Lu Hang was the biggest witness.

After all, he saw it every day.

Just as everyone thought that Su Bei would only perform well on the first day and not in the future, Jingbei Square continued to flourish steadily.

On the other hand, although Tang Yues Central Square was located in a good location, there were eight similar places to it.

One of the landmark shopping malls belonged to Lu Group, and the other families had shares of Lu Group.

Therefore, although Central Square was competitive, it did not have much of an advantage.

All it did was follow in Lu Groups shadow.

It was far from having an irreplaceable advantage.

On the other hand, Su Beis Jingbei Square was unique.

It had its own creativity and uniqueness.

It was irreplaceable.

“If I had known earlier, I would have chosen Su Beis project!” Tang Yue was filled with regret, but it was too late for regrets now.


Fortunately, despite losing the advantage in her business Du Guoshou and Ou Huanwei both thought highly of her.

Because in their hearts, Su Bei was able to obtain those advantages because of Old Master Tang.

How could Su Bei do it by herself

An outstanding lady from a prestigious family like Tang Yue was the one that the couple admired and thought highly of.

They planned to welcome her into the family as their daughter-in-law.

Tang Yue finally had a lead.

After the profits from Jingbei Square came out, Su Bei meticulously distributed a few cards and gave one to Zhuo Liping as a bonus.

During this period of time, he had been working hard day and night.

Otherwise, the entire square would not have recorded its current turnover rate.

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