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Chapter 840 Wont Go Back On My Word

Lin Wenyu said, “I bet with you on Jingbei Square.

Now that the results are out, you have to keep your word.”

“The results are out” Lin Hancheng wouldnt care about such a small matter, so he only remembered it now.

Lin Shulian and the Tang family were considered taboos in the Lin family.

Lin Hancheng didnt like to mention them, and Old Madam Lin was also taboo, so very few people mentioned them.


Lin didnt know about her husband and daughter, but she could discuss them casually now.

She was the first to ask, “What do you think the Tang family is capable of”

“Tang Yues Central Square had a turnover of 20 million yuan yesterday.

Its a good result,” Lin Wenyu said.


Lin pursed her lips in disapproval, and Lin Hancheng did not say anything either.

Tang Yues mall was in the city center.

Anyone could achieve a mediocre result.

It was no surprise.

“But guess what Su Beis malls turnover rate is”


Lin and Lin Hancheng shook their heads at the same time.

One was too lazy to guess, while the other was disdainful.

Anyway, how good could Lin Shulians daughter be

Lin Wenyu answered her own question, “Su Beis turnover rate is even better than Tang Yues! 80 million! She made 80 million in revenue!”

She pulled Lin Hanchengs arm.

“Dad, you promised me.

We cant make things difficult for Su Bei and her business anymore.”

Lin Hancheng did not expect Su Bei to have such an ability.

It was indeed surprising.


Lin thought to herself that when Lin Wenyu went to the venue of the opening ceremony that day, she must have also helped Su Bei increase her sales.

If her husband didnt ask about this matter, she wouldnt say anything either.

Although Lin Hancheng felt that Su Bei was still alright, in his opinion, this was just a small matter.

It was not worth taking to heart.

He said calmly, “A good day may not necessarily mean a good future.

After all, its the suburbs.

Just the issue of traffic alone is a big problem.”

Lin Wenyu told Lin Hancheng about Su Beis solution for that.

Lin Hancheng listened for a while and remained silent.

He had to admit that Su Beis idea was good and very useful.

However, he was not too optimistic about her future.

Doing business did not depend on the results of a day or two.

Long-term profits were the only way.

“Anyway, you cant go back on what you promised me.”

“I wont go back on my word,” Lin Hancheng promised.

After all, his hatred for Su Bei was much smaller than Lin Shulian herself.

After Jingbei Square was officially opened for business, although business in the subsequent days had calmed down, it was always relatively stable.

The farmers in the suburbs planted natural fruits and vegetables.

It changed the environment and increased their income.

On weekends, many people would choose to go to the suburbs for short trips.

They would also drop by Jingbei Square, have a meal, and shop.

There was convenient and affordable transportation, as well as natural farms.

These were extremely attractive to the people in the city.

The shopping environment in Jingbei Square was also very comfortable, and it quickly became the new holy land in the eyes of the public.

Lin Hancheng no longer deliberately suppressed the development of this place.

Those businessmen who had originally planned to build houses, residences, and other commercial centers here were all tempted to continue the construction when they saw that this place had become a new commercial center.

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