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Chapter 839 More Valuable Than Anything Else

When Su Bei sat in the passenger seat, she gently sighed.

Lu Heting reached out to hold her hand and brought it to his lips.

“Can you guess how the business went today” Su Bei tilted her head and asked.

Her pair of smiling eyes carried a vague look, and the corners of her lips were slightly slanted.

“I didnt dare to pay attention to the news today, so I wont dare to make wild guesses.”

“Just guess.”

Lu Heting caught a hint of a smile and the sly look in her eyes.

She was merely pretending to be calm.

He immediately understood and smiled.

“40 million”

40 million was a very good figure for any shopping mall in the capital, let alone in the suburbs.

Lu Heting had already made a bold guess.

Su Bei shook her head.

“You even participated in the planning for me.

Cant you be more accurate”

It was not that Lu Heting was inaccurate but he had already guessed according to that.

However, Su Beis performance this time was indeed too extraordinary.

“50 million” Lu Heting raised the figure.

“This!” Su Bei raised her fingers and gave a shocking number.

Even Lu Heting was surprised.

He knew the business situation in Jingdu City all too well.

That was why he knew how precious this number was.

Su Bei thought he was shocked and could not help but laugh.

“Half of the credit is yours.”

“This turnover is too scary.”

Su Bei counted on her fingers and said, “Actually, I didnt expect that the number would be this big.

Most of the people who came to shop today have strong purchasing power.

After this, itll steadily decline, but it should remain at a certain level.

“But basically, we have money now!”

She had earned more money than anyone else in the entertainment industry.

More importantly, this was her own business.

She had signed a contract with Old Master Tang, so it truly belonged to her and Lu Heting.

“We have money now.” Su Bei revealed a bright smile, and her eyes were bright too.

“Its enough for our family of four to live a better life.

We dont need to cater to anyone else or be pointed at.”

Lu Heting couldnt help but laugh.

In fact, he could have given her all of this with his income.

However, the joy of this was not something that could be replicated by him just giving her the money.

Su Bei enjoyed it.

It was more important than anything else.

Lin Hancheng and Mrs.

Lin sat in the living room, drinking tea and reading the newspaper.

Although people nowadays were used to watching the news on the internet, the older generation still maintained their traditional approach.

Lin Wenyu jogged in and stood in front of Lin Hancheng.

“Dad, Mom!”

“Why did you go out so early in the morning” Mrs.

Lin rebuked.

“You havent had breakfast yet, right Ill get the butler to prepare it for you.”

“Theres no need.

Ive eaten.

I ate outside.

I had steamed dumplings.

Theyre delicious.

I bought some for you and Dad.”

Lin Wenyu sat beside her father and asked, “Dad, will you keep your promises”

“Of course!” Lin Hancheng had a serious expression on his square face.

His eyebrows were very thick, and his eyes seemed to have a sense of authority that made people fear him.

“A man must keep his word! Hell do whatever he promised his child!”


Lin sat at the side and smiled.

She drank her tea and looked at the father and daughter.

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