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Chapter 838 Ungrateful

Tang Yues expression darkened.

“Yue Yue, a temporary failure is nothing.

Youll definitely be able to achieve the same in the future.” Tang Jianming and Lin Shulians comforting words, which they had thought about the entire night, were now said to Tang Yue instead of Su Bei.

Tang Yue barely managed to endure it before she could return to her room.

Reaching out, she knocked over everything on the dressing table!

Su Bei got the worst card but achieved the best results.

How could she not be angry

She finally managed to suppress her anger and opened her WeChat Moments.

Everyone was still praising her for her performance tonight.

The fact that she had invited Liao Xintong won the praise of many people.

However, when she scrolled down, she realized that someone had posted something about Su Bei.

Su Beis ribbon-cutting ceremony was done very stylishly.

Tang Yue took a glance and realized that many of the people standing below the stage were prominent figures in the capital.

Some wealthy ladies, daughters, and socialites who were well-known had attended.

There were even some who she had invited but they rejected her on the spot because they had something to do.

Then, Tang Yue saw a photo of Su Bei and Lin Wenyu standing together!

Her eyes turned red.

Lin Wenyu actually went to support Su Bei!

Ever since Lin Shulian fell out with the Lin family, not only did the Lin family not have anything to do with the Tang family but they had even been trying to suppress them.

This incident was all because of the Lin family!

Previously, when Tang Yue found out about the Lin familys power and influence, she took the initiative to approach them.

However, apart from them rolling their eyes at her, she did not receive anything else.

Now, Su Bei was actually hanging out with Lin Wenyu!

No wonder so many people were supporting Su Bei.

No wonder Su Beis shopping mall could obtain so much support and such good results.

Tang Yues eyes glowed with jealousy.

Lin Shulian came in with some soup and was shocked to see Tang Yue like that.

“Yue Yue, whats wrong”

“Mom, Su Bei has Lin Wenyus support.

No wonder she could suppress me.” Lin Shulian was indeed shocked.

“The Lin family likes her”

She never thought that Su Bei would have such an opportunity.

The Lin family hated her so much and could never forgive her.

How did Su Bei win their favor

“What happened” Lin Shulian was very surprised.

Tang Yue didnt want to say much and waved her hand.

“I dont know either.

I only know that Lin Wenyu went to Su Beis mall.”

“Yue Yue, Su Bei is your younger sister.

The two of you will always support each other in the future.

Dont be so calculative.

Both of you will be sharing everything in the future.”

Tang Yue, however, did not think so.

Tang Corporation had already lost many of its advantages after being suppressed so badly by the Lin family.

Now that Su Bei was suppressing her, who knew what would happen in the future

Just thinking about it made her feel terrible.

In Lu Hetings car.

Su Bei came in wrapped in a cold aura.

The sky was a little cold, but the light in her eyes was enough to melt the ice and snow.

She held todays data in her hands.

Lu Heting hadnt asked about her achievements today.

He had said that he would let her do whatever she wanted, so he really didnt interfere.

He trusted her to deal with it.

If she really couldnt do it, he had 10,000 plans to help her.

However, looking at her expressionless face, Lu Hetings heart still skipped a beat.

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