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Chapter 837 As Expected

Tang Yue gritted her teeth and said with a smile, “Su Bei, I heard that you specially arranged buses to shuttle customers to the mall.

Furthermore, each person is only charged ten yuan for a round trip.

This isnt a good deal.

According to what I know, the cost of a round trip cant even cover the drivers salary.

If this goes on, how much will we end up losing”

Old Master Tang also looked at Su Bei.

He was worried about the future of the mall.

“Grandpa, I didnt lose anything from the transportation.

In fact, Ive already earned back my cost from the start of every operation and made tens of millions of profits from it,” Su Bei explained to Old Master Tang.

“What… Whats going on” Tang Yue rolled her eyes inwardly.

Su Bei was continuing to brag.

Su Bei explained, “Because Jingbei Square is far away, if theres no suitable transportation, customers will definitely not come.

Therefore, I found a vehicle company and bought a batch of buses.

Because I bought a lot of buses, I agreed to a deal that the buses will advertise their brand.

Hence I got them for 50% off.”

“Arent you still making a loss” Tang Yue asked.

“I sold the buses to the drivers at a 30% discount of the original price and told them that they would take the route from the city to the mall every day.

The fees from the customers would all be theirs.

Thus, they immediately agreed.

After that transaction, I earned quite a bit.

In this way, customers can take the buses.

Theyre very willing to do so.”

Old Master Tang stroked his beard and said, “Thats great.

You didnt have to spend much money to solve the problem of transportation.

The drivers also bought suitable buses at a cheaper price than the market rate and solved their employment problem.”

“Yeah, thats why theyre all so motivated.

When theyre not shuttling customers, they can also pick up ordinary passengers.” Su Bei smiled.

“Not only do I not have to bear any transportation costs, but I also earned a small sum from this.

“In other words, it solved all the transport problems for customers in the city, helping them get to the suburbs.”

Old Master Tang was very impressed.

“This method is really not bad.

Su Bei, you did well.

Transportation is not only a problem for our business but also a sore point for many people.

What youve done is also very beneficial!”

“I think this idea is really not bad.” Tang Jianming was also proud of his outstanding daughter.

He praised her without restraint.

“Su Bei, youre great.”

Tang Yue sat at the side in silence.

Her heart felt as if it was being clawed by a cat, and she was in pain.

However, she could not say another word.

Su Bei lazily ran her fingers through her hair.

Her expression was still as calm as ever.

“Since Grandpa has no complaints, then theres nothing to doubt, right Im tired.

Ill head back first.

See you next time.”

The elders urged her to stay but Su Bei carried her bag and turned to leave.

There was a moment of silence in the room.

After a while, Old Master Tangs laughter could be heard.

“Not bad, not bad.

As expected of my granddaughter.

Su Bei is even more outstanding than I imagined.”

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