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Chapter 836 Is There A Problem

How hilarious!

Tang Yue casually picked up her teacup and took a sip.

Old Master Tang then slowly said, “The Jingbei Shopping Mall that Su Bei manages… On the first day it opened, the turnover is 80 million.”

Tang Yue had just taken a sip of tea and had yet to drink it when she heard these words.

She spat it out.

Her expression turned from red to white.

“80 million”

“Its 80 million yuan in S Countrys currency!” Old Master Tang finally recovered from his shock.

Tang Jianming couldnt help but say, “Dad, is it really 80 million yuan But for most big malls, its already very outstanding if they can earn 30 to 40 million yuan a day! After all, Jingbei Square is in the suburbs.

How could it be 80 million yuan This result is enough to crush many outstanding malls in the capital!”

Tang Yue was also full of questions and could not hide the disappointment and shock on her face.

“Its indeed 80 million.

You guys didnt hear wrongly.

Su Bei did it.” Old Master Tang handed the data to them.

Tang Yues breathing became heavy, and she could not believe what she was seeing.

She pretended to say casually, “Su Bei, is this true I really have to congratulate you.

How did you achieve such good results”

She could hide her thoughts perfectly in front of her elders.

However, the sourness in her tone could not be concealed.

Ordinary elders would not care about such small matters.

Su Bei outperformed her.

Even if she was a little jealous, it was normal.

Su Beis eyes were bright and honest, giving off a bright and radiant feeling.

She would not fall out with Tang Yue in front of her elders, so she said in a very innocent voice, “I just did it.

It doesnt seem too difficult.”

Tang Yue clenched her fists.

Su Beis results were quadruple of hers yet she said that it wasnt difficult.

It was as if a top student had scored full marks and still had to say in front of a bad student,Whats so difficult about that Isnt it normal to score full marks

Tang Yue used to be the top student, but now, in front of Su Bei, she was reduced to a bad student.

This psychological difference was extremely difficult to adapt to.

However, Lin Shulian was a little worried.

“Su Bei, the data cant be faked.

If its faked, we wont be able to answer to the shareholders of Tang Corporation.

If that happens, there will be chaos.”

“Mom is right.

Su Bei, your data must be accurate for the sake of Tang Corporation.” Tang Yue immediately regained her confidence.

She just felt that Su Beis data was too good.

After Lin Shulians reminder, she felt that she had found the possible reason.

Su Bei pursed her lips and looked at Old Master Tang.

“Grandpa, you know best.

Do you think theres anything wrong with my data”

“No! Absolutely not!” In his shock, Old Master Tang had already checked the data.

There was definitely no mistake.

If this data was fake, then the person who made this data was definitely a genius-level finance officer—the kind who couldnt even be hired with 80 million yuan.

What was there to doubt about this data

Tang Yues face turned from white to green and then back to black.

It was actually real!

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