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Chapter 835 Surprise

Tang Jianming and Lin Shulian were also worried.

If Su Bei had to be compared to Tang Yue, it would be too tragic.

They had already prepared words of comfort for Su Bei.

“Su Bei, success or failure means nothing.

Moreover, you werent born into the Tang family and didnt receive much guidance from your grandfather.

Moreover, the situation with that piece of land is unfavorable.

Everyone knows it in their hearts.” Lin Shulian comforted her.

Tang Yue put on a thoughtful look on her face and said, “Mom is right.

Dont be discouraged.

At that time, you said you wanted to sign an agreement.

Whether you can achieve results or not, you said you didnt want anything from the Tang family.

I advised you not to put everything on the line, lest you regret it.

Look at you now, you didnt listen to my advice.

Now that the agreement has taken effect, you cant ask for anything from the Tang family and Grandpa anymore.

With the mall in this state… In the future, wont you have to work harder to maintain your living standards”

Her words were a reminder to everyone that Su Bei had already signed such an agreement.

Since she wanted this mall, she could not ask for anything else.

The whole family could not go back on their word either.

Lin Shulian said, “If you dont want to manage it anymore, then dont.

I can still afford to raise my daughter.

In the future, Su Bei should still have the right to come home and eat, right” “Of course.

There are so many people in the Tang family.

Su Bei can come home for dinner.

She can even bring her boyfriend back.

As her elder sister, I welcome them back,” Tang Yue said sincerely, but she knew how much she was gloating.

Of course, the Tang family did not lack food.

Seeing that Old Master Tang and Su Bei were unwilling to speak, Tang Yue could not help but ask, “Grandpa, how much is Su Beis shopping malls turnover today Its okay, just say it.

Everyone can accept it.”

Su Bei was sitting next to Old Master Tang with a calm expression.

There was not a look of frustration on her palm-sized face.

Her red lips were slightly curled up, and her eyes were glittering.

She seemed unaffected by todays events.

“Its eight…” Old Master Tang opened his mouth.

He had yet to recover from his shock, so he stuttered a little.

“Eight million, right” Tang Yue beat her to it.

“Actually, its really not bad to be able to achieve eight million.

After all, Su Bei, youre a newbie and are limited by the geographical location of your mall.

Dad, Mom, Grandpa, dont you think so”

She seemed to be helping Su Bei get out of trouble, but her words emphasized the figure of eight million.

However, Tang Yue was still a little shocked in her heart.

Her own turnover rate was only 20 million, while Su Beis was eight million.

This figure was not bad.

She thought that if it were her, she might not even be able to make eight million yuan if she had to manage a mall in the suburbs.

Su Beis ability made her a little afraid.

“Not eight million,” Old Master Tang replied.

Tang Yue was pleasantly surprised.

Was it not eight million yuan but only 800,000

She asked in surprise, “Grandpa, if its not eight million, how much is it”

If it was really only 800,000 yuan, then Su Bei would be the biggest joke in the world.

She would probably become the laughing stock of the entire circle.

Other better shops would be able to achieve this amount of revenue, but she, who managed a big shopping mall, only achieved this much.

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