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Chapter 832 Cant Last Long

The entire Jingbei Shopping Mall had a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

There werent many people, but it didnt seem desolate either.

Lin Yu couldnt hold himself back and posted on Weibo: [Its a pity that corn cant be used for hotpot.]

[What is this place It looks so comfortable.

Doesnt the corn look too good] Someone immediately asked.

(Could it be that Prince Charming has gone to film a village film] Another person made a guess.

Someone then started to explain.

(This is a newly developed farm in the suburbs.

You may not know this but everyone can go and claim a plot of land.

You can also personally experience the joy of farming.)

[Farm Its still in the suburbs and is a little too far.

Although I have a lot of time, the fare is quite expensive.

I cant bear to part with the money.]

[Its not expensive at all.

It only costs a total of ten yuan to travel here and back.

Every day, the bus follows the schedule accordingly.

We can eat the freshest vegetables there and also buy the most cost-effective goods! Luxury goods are available at discounts.] Those who had already gone shopping at the mall could not help but feel relieved.

[Ten yuan Can we meet Lin Yu with ten yuan If we can, even a hundred yuan is fine!]

[Hahahahaha! Let me tell you, not only did I meet Lin Yu but I also met Han Feng and Rong Xiu.

Heres a photo of us![

[Its real, its real! What kind of godly place is this!]

Immediately, many fans rushed over to this place.

Tang Yue picked up her phone and almost died laughing when she saw the news on Weibo.

“So this is Su Beis publicity” After Tang Yue laughed, her expression turned into one in between laughter and tears.

“Getting people to farm in the suburbs Then go to the mall to buy things I cant believe it.

Is there really anyone going”

The assistant had actually already found out that not only were people going, but many rich people were there too.

He didnt know what method Su Bei used.

According to the information he had gathered, even Madam Lin and Lin Wenyu had gone over.

However, the assistant did not dare to say it.

Today, he only dared to report the good news and not the bad so that Tang Yue would be happy.

Moreover, the assistant also felt that it would be useless for these rich people to go over there.

What could Su Bei sell to them

Hence, the assistant might as well not tell Tang Yue.

Lin Wenyu and Madam Lin had indeed gone to the mall over there.

Madam Lin originally didnt plan to go over.

After all, it was the Tang familys mall and she didnt want to be involved.

However, Lin Wenyu told her the truth.

“Your bracelet was repaired by Su Beis friend previously, and his shop is opening today.”

When Madam Lin heard this, she felt that it wasnt right for her to owe others.

Hence, she decided that it wasnt a big deal for her to sneak around with Lin Wenyu.

However, after coming over, she realized that the construction here was different from what she had imagined.

“Su Bei actually invested in so many buses.

When will she be able to recoup the cost of transportation”.

Lin Wenyu didnt know either, so she shook her head.

“And these plots of land, how much manpower does she need” Madam Lin was worried again.

Unlike her husband, Lin Hancheng, even though she hated Lin Shulian a little, she could not bear to hate Su Bei who was being implicated in all this.

Especially when she saw that her daughter and Su Beis relationship was so good, her worries came from her heart.

Lin Wenyu said, “No matter what, Su Bei will definitely have a way.”

Madam Lin shook her head.

She felt that this mall wouldnt last long.

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