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Chapter 831 Am I Not Your Good Friend

There was a large patch of green vegetables and red fruits.

It was a pleasing sight.

“Then Ill go home and cook some hotpot!” When Lin Yu heard that there was hotpot, he almost couldnt contain his saliva.

Su Bei reached out and pointed with her hand.

“Look at the sign!”

“Minister Lins house.

What does this mean” Lin Yu read out the words on the sign.

“It means that this small piece of land has been reserved by Minister Lins family.

There are people in charge of it.

When its time for harvest, theyll send the fresh produce to Minister Lins house,” Su Bei explained.

“Minister Lin will give the people in charge a sum of money.

These people in charge are farmers who live in the suburbs.

They used to cultivate these lands, but they couldnt earn money from the produce they farmed.

However, now that there are people giving them money to farm, theyre naturally happy with this arrangement.

“As for those rich people, they have always placed importance on health.

Some people especially grow vegetables for themselves.

For their health, theyre willing to try anything.”

This was the project that Su Bei and Lu Heting had been working on at night.

They had convinced the farmers to try using the land near them.

Since the land was empty, someone was convinced and immediately plowed it.

Apart from targeting the wealthy, Su Bei and Lu Heting also went to a few noble schools and convinced the children there to adopt a plot of land.

Those children were pampered and never knew what wheat and chives were like.

They didnt even know where the rice they ate came from.

Their parents found out that there was such a place here.

They could provide their children with fresh vegetables and fruits, and they could also teach them about the plants.

Thus, they were very happy to book a plot of land.

Lin Yu looked at the signboards and realized that they all had names written on them.

“In other words, these plots of land already have owners”

“Thats right.

Dont you think that every time these people come over, itll bring more people to the mall”

Lin Yu nodded.

Su Beis move was really effective.

“So I wont be able to eat anything cooked with the ingredients being planted here” Lin Yu was instantly discouraged.

“Am I still your good friend”

“That one over there is Da Bao and Gun Guns.

Ill pick some corn for you later.”

Lin Yu immediately perked up.

“Great! Su Bei, youre still the best! But what a pity…”

“Whats a pity…”

“Corn cant be used for hotpot!”

Su Bei brought Lin Yu to look at other places.

Anyway, they were all things that could attract customers.

They did not hire specialized workers, nor did they invest any funds.

Basically, they turned waste into treasure and tried their best to make use of the original terrain structure and the farmers living in the suburbs to achieve their goals.

Lin Yus horizon was broadened.

At night, Su Bei also held a ribbon-cutting ceremony event.

Although it wasnt as lively as Central Square, the people who came were all of different statuses, so there was a different charm to the venue.

In fact, some friends in the entertainment industry even came to support her.

The leaders were Han Feng and Rong Xiu.

Probably because they had questioned Su Beis acting skills during the shoot, the two of them prepared generous gifts and came forward while looking a little embarrassed.

Rong Xiu smiled and said, “Su Bei, congratulations.

The mall that youre personally managing has opened.”

“Thank you.

Please sit over there,” Su Bei smiled and said.

Han Feng wanted to say something, but after glancing at Su Bei, he did not speak.

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