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Chapter 83: Chapter83 Go Home


Su Huixian thought to herself,Although the police have released their investigation report, the public was already convinced that Su Bei was only able to appear on the stage of Orisa Fashion Show because she drugged me.

She would carry this dirt on her for the rest of her life.

However, both Su Huixian and Qiu Minxuan were wrong.

Lu Heting made some arrangements so that the news about the polices investigation report that cleared up Su Beis name would be on the top of the trending topics.

The doctors medical report was also posted on the Internet.

These things, together with Su Beis and Su Huixians names, occupied the top spots.

The Orisa Fashion Show had just ended, so everyone was still paying close attention to this matter.

Naturally, many people wanted to know the truth.

Even Orisa itself was also concerned.

Since Su Bei walked on their stage, they were worried that her scandal would affect the reputation of their brand.

So when they saw the news about the result of the polices investigation, they quickly shared it online to help clear Su Beis name.

As for Su Huixian, her false accusation had become a huge stain on her.

But since she didnt walk on their stage, they could say that their company had nothing to do with her.

Under the impetus of many people, the news became trending for a long time.

All the fans were having heated discussions about it.

Su Beis fans were exhilarated, so they kept on posting their own comments.

“Su Bei poured Su Huixian a glass of water out of kindness, but she ended up being framed.

Who would dare to do such a good deed in the future”

“Police officers, thank you for your hard work.

Youve worked until the middle of the night just to clear up Bei Beis name.”

“Bei Bei, be brave.

We are always here for you.”

“How can Su Huixian have such a name Is she smart Is she demure What a **ing name!”

“She had a relapse because she was nervous.

But she was afraid of being blamed, so she passed the buck.

What a good trick!”

Even some of Su Huixians own fans felt embarrassed and quickly turned their backs on her.

“Forget it.

I cant like such an idol.”

“Its really disappointing.

I regret that I felt sorry for her when she wasnt able to appear on the stage.

If only I knew that it was her own fault.”

“Does it feel good to accuse others Shame on you!”

Seeing that more and more people were talking about the issue, Su Bei posted on Weibo again, “Everyone, Im so sorry for dragging you all into this trouble.

I didnt mean to cause a sensation.

From now on, I will try my best to be more cautious to avoid causing inconvenience to others.

But no matter what, I will continue to do good things to be worthy of your love and support.

Good night, everyone!”

People all posted their comments to comfort her, hoping to ease her worry and make her feel that she had their support.

Just overnight, Su Huixian lost as many followers as Su Bei gained on Weibo, which was one million.

Su Bei put away her phone and looked at Lu Heting seriously.

Although everything was under control tonight, things were still different having him around.

With his presence, she didnt feel helpless and lonely anymore.

She was not fighting alone.

This kind of feeling brought warmth to her heart.

“Lets go home,” Lu Heting said softly.

Su Bei followed him.

And when she heard the word “home,” a strange feeling surged up in her heart.

Yes, the Su familys villa was not her home.

The house where she lived now was her home.

There, she had Gun Gun.

And Da Bao would come soon.

She could take Da Bao home tomorrow.

This would be her surprise to Lu Heting.

Judging from his attitude towards Gun Gun, she could say that he liked children very much.

In the past few years, he had been raising Gun Gun alone, which could also prove that he was a very responsible man.


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