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Chapter 829 Youre The Best

“Of course.” The assistant smiled.

“Hence, Su Bei will definitely lose this time.”

“Alright, get the makeup artist to help me touch up my makeup.

Im going on stage to cut the ribbon.

By the way, is Miss Liao here” Tang Yue smiled at her reflection in the mirror.

“Shes already here.”

Tang Yue was referring to Liao Xintong.

Although the Liao family was a rising star in the business world, it was rumored that they had a strong backing.

Otherwise, they would not have been able to shoot up and obtain so many resources to develop.

Liao Xintong had been in the limelight recently, so Tang Yue wanted to befriend her.

As soon as they hit it off, Tang Yue invited Liao Xintong to the event and Liao Xintong also opened a shop in her mall.

When the two of them met, they complimented each other.

Liao Xintong got someone to give her a generous gift.

“President Tang, its a good day to open for business! Wealth will be rolling in.”

“Thank you, Miss Liao.

Miss Liao, please come on stage with me.”

In Central Square, there was an event going on.

The host was a professional, and many celebrities from Sheng Tang Entertainment came on stage as guests.

The scene was very


“Today is the grand opening of Sheng Tang Central Square.

We welcome family and friends to the grand opening.

All of this is made possible by the management of an outstanding woman who is both capable and beautiful.

She is… Sheng Tangs Miss Tang Yue! We welcome Miss Tang to the ribbon-cutting ceremony! Miss Tang is also with Miss Liao Xintong.

Both are rare talents in the business industry.

Please come on stage!”

Tang Yue had already changed into a charismatic, slim-fitting suit.

She looked capable yet charming.

Liao Xintong was also dressed in the same way.

When the two of them appeared, they gave off a very professional feeling.

After the two of them got on stage, they did not say much and carried out the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

However, their appearance pushed the ribbon-cutting ceremony to its climax.

Moreover, many people had also seen Tang Yues potential.

She was able to work with the Liao family, a rising star, so it was not too much to judge her ability just by this alone.

After Tang Yue left the stage, many friends and artists came forward to congratulate her.

“Congratulations, Tang Yue.

Youre the best.”

“Congratulations, President Tang.

Central Square will definitely succeed!”

“President Tang, youre indeed capable.”

“Thank you, everyone.” Tang Yue held her wine glass and clinked glasses with everyone before returning to her office and sending Liao Xintong off.

Du Guoshou and Ou Huanwei also came.

They had prepared gifts for Tang Yue.

“Tang Yue, youre really amazing.

Even Uncle and I cant help but sigh.

Youre really able to thrive and succeed even when youre on your own.

As expected of someone personally trained by Old Master Tang.”

“Uncle, Aunt, you flatter me,” Tang Yue said politely.

Ou Huanwei took her hand and said, “I asked Jinghao to come over tomorrow to accompany you.

I wonder if hell disturb you.”

“Of course not.

Im more than happy to spend time with him.” Tang Yue smiled.

The more Ou Huanwei looked at Tang Yue, the happier she became.

She felt that Tang Yue was more suitable for her son.

She had finally managed to convince her son and he had already gone out with Tang Yue a few times.

If they went out a few more times, everything would be fine.

Tang Yue was also very satisfied with Du Jinghao.

Ever since she was young, she had always been self-centered and would never give anything that she liked to others.

Her parents feelings, her family business, and Du Jinghao were especially the case.

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