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Chapter 828 Exploding With Publicity

Tang Jianming said, “As long as one-tenth of the shops can be rented out on the day she opens for business and one-tenth of the shops are active, shell win if she can attract some of the surrounding residents.

After all, its really too hard.”

Lin Shulian nodded.


As long as its not too quiet that day, I wont worry.” Old Master Tang muttered to himself.

He could see that Su Bei was about to lose, but it was not an unjust loss.

A clever housewife could not cook without rice.

Not to mention the project was being suppressed by the Lin family.

Lin Shulian cried out, “Its all my fault.

Im sorry, Su Bei.

If it werent for me…”

“Stop it.

Its useless to talk about it.

Its our childs business anyway.

If she fails, we can pretend that we didnt have the land or the money,” Old Master Tang said.

In the blink of an eye, it was the day when the two shopping malls would open for business.

Tang Yues shopping mall carried out a lot of promotional events.

Early that morning, as soon as the mall opened, many customers came in.

Since it was the weekend, many people would come out for a stroll.

They might not buy anything, but they liked to go to lively places.

Naturally, Central Square, which was bustling with activity, became their first choice.

Moreover, once some couples entered the mall, they would definitely watch a movie or buy some dolls.

When it was time to eat, they would also dine in.

After a whole day, the money spent per person would not be a small sum.

On the other hand, some families with children would spend even more money.

They would let their children play at the amusement park, buy some arcade coins, shop at the supermarket for a meal, buy some snacks, and so on.

It was all expenses.

Tang Yue sat in the office of Central Square and listened to her assistants report.

She was in a good mood.

In the blink of an eye, it was eight oclock in the evening, which was when Tang Yue had decided to do the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Her good friends and most of the celebrities from Sheng Tang Entertainment were present.

They even posted on Weibo for publicity.

With so many celebrities and socialites appearing at the same time, the appeal was truly impressive.

After a while, this topic entered the hot search rankings.

Many fans were excited.

(This mall isnt far from where I work.

Im very familiar with it.

Ill go take a look after work.]

[The childrens amusement park isnt bad either.

Ill bring my nephew along to take a look later.)

(Theres an online influencer that I like attending the event.

Ahhhh, Im so jealous.)

(Oh my God, most of the artists in Sheng Tang are there too.

I want to go, I want to go!)

At night, another wave of fans arrived.

The entire mall was bustling with activity.

Tang Yue asked her assistant, “Hows the situation on Su Beis end I want to hear every word about the situation.”

“There arent many people on Su Beis side.

However, she has mobilized a low-cost shuttle bus to bring customers to Jingbei Square.

Even so, its so far away.

Despite low prices, not many people will go.

“Su Bei also planted a lot of flowers and trees along the way.

She must think that this would alleviate the fatigue of traveling.

Its too funny.

Using such methods is simply senseless of her.

“However, there are some celebrities who went to support her, so I heard that there are quite a lot of fans.” Tang Yue smiled.

“How long can she last just by relying on fans In order to do business, you have to rely on the crowd.”

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