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Chapter 827 Anyone With Brains Would Know Which To Choose

After Su Bei left, Rong Xiu couldnt help but say, “Previously, there were rumors that Su Bei relied on Manager Li to climb up the ladder, but now, Im convinced.

With her ability, why would she need to rely on others to climb up”

“She never needed to rely on anyone to climb up from the beginning,” Han Feng said.

Rong Xiu pouted.

Han Feng also had such doubts before, right He was indeed quick to change his words.

However, Rong Xiu could tell that Su Bei was definitely not an ordinary person.

As the filming of Double Phoenix came to an end, Su Bei and Tang Yues respective shopping malls were about to open for business.

And the timing was just uncanny.

They had chosen the same day!

When Tang Yue saw the date Su Bei chose, she couldnt help but laugh.

“Su Bei is really brainless.

Isnt she going to think about it Must she clash with me and hold the opening on the same day Does she think shes deliberately setting me up” “She probably wants to borrow your popularity,” the assistant said with a smile.

“After all, she doesnt have much popularity there.

No matter what, she wants to take advantage of you.”

“Then let her do it.

I want to see how embarrassed shell get,” Tang Yue said.

“Let every artist from Sheng Tang Entertainment attend the opening ceremony.”


The assistant quickly informed them.

Although Tang Xinru also invited celebrities from Sheng Tang Entertainment on behalf of Su Bei, many celebrities rejected Su Bei and chose Tang Yue instead.

After all, this was Tang Yues own business, while Tang Xinru only invited them on behalf of Su Bei.

After weighing the pros and cons, everyone felt that they would rather offend Su Bei than Tang Yue.

Moreover, Tang Yue had grown up in the Tang family.

Her friends were all wealthy young ladies, socialites, and all sorts of young masters from prestigious families.

The event would definitely be lively that day.

Anyone with brains would know which to choose.

Were they supposed to take a taxi to the dusty suburbs for the ribbon-cutting ceremony

Soon, the assistant reported back to Tang Yue.

“More than 80% of the artists have agreed to come to Central Square to show their support.

The rest are not very popular stubborn people.

It doesnt matter if they come or not.”

Tang Yue blew at her nails.

“Its fine if they dont come, we dont need them.

Did you invite the Du family”

“Every one of them has been invited.”

“What about Grandpas friends”

“They all said they would be there,” the assistant replied.

Tang Yue had a smug smile on her face as she said, “Grandpa, Mom, and Dad probably wont go to either mall to avoid arousing suspicion.

Its a pity that they cant witness the stark contrast between their two daughters.”

“But that doesnt matter.

How could these things not reach their ears When the time comes, well hire a professional photography team to record everything that happens at the scene.

Not only will they be able to see it but even the fans on Weibo and everyone else will also be able to see it.” The assistant had already made arrangements.

All of this was to Tang Yues liking.

“Okay, thats something I didnt think of either.

Its a good thing you reminded me,” Tang Yue said to her assistant.

This time, she must step on Su Bei!

The Tang family was very worried about Su


However, he had promised to be fair, so Old Master Tang didnt interfere.

Lin Shulian was especially worried.

“I wonder if Su Bei will do a good job this time”

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