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Chapter 825 If She Doesnt Appreciate It, Then Forget It

Seeing that Su Bei had just woken up, the two of them had some opinions in their hearts.

After all, the next scene they were filming was one of the highlights in this film and it was a group scene.

It would be a tough scene to film.

Rong Xiu was still alright.

She thought that Su Bei was on her period.

She said considerately, “Su Bei, do you want to rest some more” “Its alright.” Su Bei did not want to waste everyones time.

She would only take a short nap when she was waiting.

Why would she need to take a break

Han Fengs expression was slightly cold as he said, “But I dont wish to cause others to do repetitive labor because of you alone.

Why dont you rest well before coming”

Su Bei saw his displeasure and turned her head with a smile.

“I dont think Ive ever had someone go through that because of my mistake, right”

Han Feng was rebuked by her.

He thought about it and realized that it was indeed the case.

He and Su Bei did not have any solo scenes.

They had always been in group scenes before this, and in this scene, he and Su Bei would have a confrontation.

Therefore, he was subconsciously worried that Su Bei would drag him down.

“I hope itll be the same this time,” Han Feng said coldly.

In fact, there was an unexpected trace of concern in his tone.

Perhaps, he just wanted Su Bei to sleep a little more.

It was fine if she did not appreciate his kindness… “Then lets do it,” Su Bei said immediately.

Han Feng was stunned.

Although Su Bei looked tired just now, when she pulled out her sword and faced the camera, she looked exactly like Ni Huang.

There wasnt even a trace of Su Beis own person!

She was dressed in fresh clothes and had a sharp sword in her hand.

Her face was filled with worry for the country and the people.

She was the heroine who guarded the battlefield!

Su Bei saw his expression and said with a smile, “Senior Han, dont cause others to do repetitive labor just because of you alone.”

Han Feng snorted and exuded the air of an emperor.

With a wave of his hands, his sleeves fluttered loudly.

He had always liked to practice his acting skills in private and was very confident in himself.

Although he hadnt received any awards yet, he knew that it was inevitable.

Therefore, he was worried that Ni Huang wouldnt be able to take on the role, which would result in a drastic downfall in his performance! This scene was a negotiation between him and the Hun Tribe.

He wanted them to withdraw their troops and return peace to the people at the border.

The person who facilitated this negotiation was Ni Huang herself.

Although she was the princess of the Hun Tribe, she had grown up in the Great Xiao Empire and cared for the common people of the world.

She was increasingly aware that the peace brought by war was short-lived.

The world was prospering but the people were suffering True peace could only be achieved through countless efforts.

Hence, she facilitated this negotiation.

However, the Huns had planned to capture Xiao Jing alive during this negotiation.

As a result, both parties fell into chaos.

Ni Huang had no choice but to save Xiao Jing, but he suspected that she had ulterior motives.

“Wild ambitions!” Xiao Jing was furious and pushed her away! This was the hardest part.

The camera would be directed at Han Feng and Su Bei.

In Han Fengs heart, he was afraid that Su Bei wouldnt be able to handle the scene, so he let his emotions out and gave her a chance to act.

Ni Huang risked her life to save him, but he was suspicious of her.

And now, the suspicions of the Hun Tribe against her had reached the peak.

She did not explain and only said, “You have no choice but to believe me, because only I can take you away, Emperor of the Great Xiao Empire!”

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