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Chapter 821 Workplace Is A Utopia

After getting Zhuo Liping to join, Su Bei felt much more relaxed.

When she returned, she pulled Da Bao and Gun Gun into her arms while softly humming a tune.

Lu Heting drove in front, his hands firmly gripping the steering wheel as he looked straight ahead.

Occasionally, when he looked at the rear passenger seat through the rearview mirror, his heart would feel as if it was bathed in sunlight and filled with warmth.

Zhuo Liping arrived two days later with his luggage.

The restaurant that he had been working at previously was really in big trouble now.

After being investigated for two to three days, there was still no end to it.

However, he had already sorted out the things he needed to provide, so he had nothing else to do.

Manager Pang even tried to persuade him to stay.

“Zhuo Liping, Ive said what I needed to say.

Are you really not staying” “No, thank you, Manager Pang.” Manager Pang stuck out his big belly and said mockingly, “Do you really think that the workplace is a utopia What fairness and rules are you talking about Where can you find a company like that I heard that youre going to work in a shopping mall in the suburbs, right Let me tell you, its just a suburban place without any prospects.

If you can make that shopping mall a success, Ill take off my head and kick it your way!”

Zhuo Liping left with his luggage without a word.

He took a taxi that cost him 150 yuan to Jingbei Square.

He also had some doubts in his heart.

Who would spend 300 yuan to come here and shop Wouldnt it be nice to just shop in those shopping malls in the city center

However, recalling Su Beis confident and beautiful eyes, he still resolutely walked in.

Su Bei only had a very small office in Jingbei Shopping Mall.

When Zhuo Liping entered, only Su Bei and Feng Cheng were there.

“Miss Su!” Zhuo Liping stood at the door.

“Manager Zhuo, come in,” Su Bei called out to him.

When she looked up, she had a brilliant smile on her face.

On her fair face, her eyes were so beautiful that they were dazzling like a spring breeze.

Zhuo Liping smiled, “Call me Zhuo Liping.”

“No, youre already Manager Zhuo.” Su Bei raised her hand and fixed a name tag on his clothes.

“Lets talk about what were going to do now.”

Zhuo Liping nodded.


Su Bei handed the proposal to him and began to explain it concisely.

Zhuo Liping originally did not have much confidence in this mall.

He only came because he trusted Su Bei wholeheartedly.

However, after hearing Su Beis explanation, he couldnt help but feel full of confidence.

He had a whole new level of respect for Su Bei.

All the arrangements were so exquisite.

As long as they worked hard, there would definitely be customers.

How did Su Bei do it

“Manager Zhuo, Ill leave this square to you.” Su Bei handed him the document.

“I wont disappoint you.” Zhuo Liping nodded seriously.

Su Bei settled the matters at Jingbei Square and returned to the set to continue filming.

Zhuo Liping shouldered the heavy responsibility of putting Su Beis plans into practice.

Tang Yue arranged for her assistant to ask about Su Beis situation.

“Su Beis idea is good, but these are all big projects.

How can she accomplish so many things with her little money from working as a model and actress” Tang Yue said.

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