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Chapter 820 I Trust A Persons Character More

Lu Heting looked at Gun Gun and suddenly thought of a saying-a woman acted as adorable as a baby was the best.

It turned out that men (children) could not do anything else.

Su Bei went to look for Assistant Manager Zhuo.

When she arrived, the restaurant was already closed and being inspected.

“Im looking for Assistant Manager Zhuo,” Su Bei politely said to the waitress.

The waitress, who was previously arrogant and always looked down on others, had gotten rid of her temper now.

She glanced at Su Bei and said, “Hes arranging documents.

Ill get him to come over.”

Soon, Assistant Manager Zhuo came out.

When he saw Su Bei, surprise flashed across his face.

He poured two cups of coffee and invited Su Bei to sit down.

“Miss Su, do you need something from me” Assistant Manager Zhuo sat down and tidied his clothes.

“Assistant Manager Zhuo…” Su Bei said.

Assistant Manager Zhuo smiled and said, “Ive already resigned.

Im no longer an assistant manager.

Call me Zhuo Liping.”

Su Bei looked at the room on the side.

The people inside were preparing various documents for inspection, and Zhuo Liping was obviously working hard.

Seeing Su Beis doubt, Zhuo Liping smiled and said, “Ive indeed left my job.

For a restaurant that cant even follow basic rules, I feel that its not worth staying here.

Its not in line with my career ideals.

However, now that the restaurant has encountered a problem, I cant just leave.

Regardless, this place has given me a chance to work.

I will stay until the inspection is over before leaving.” Su Bei smiled and said, “I didnt misjudge you.

A person like you is very suitable to manage a company.” “Miss Su, you must be joking.

I didnt manage to settle the previous matter properly and caused you trouble.

Please dont take it to heart, Miss Su.” Zhuo Liping picked up his coffee.

“By the way, may I know why youre looking for me”

“I want to hire you to be the general manager of a mall thats about to open,” Su Bei said bluntly.

“That mall is very far away from the city.

The early stages of work are very challenging and difficult.

I need someone like you to manage it.”

Zhuo Liping looked at her in surprise.

“Your profession…”

“The company belongs to Tang Corporation.

Im a member of the Tang family.” Su Bei went straight to the point.

Since they were going to cooperate, she had to show her sincerity.

There was no need to hide this from him.

Zhuo Liping had only heard about it before, but he didnt know the details.

Now that he realized Su Beis status, he had a good impression of her attitude.

“Miss Su, Ive only managed restaurants before.

Are you sure you can trust me to manage a huge mall”

“Abilities are interconnected.

Besides, this restaurant is also a national chain.

Its no less complicated than whats going on in the business world.

Furthermore, compared to ability, I trust a persons character more,” Su Bei said honestly.

Zhuo Liping was indeed a little hesitant.

He had also heard that the shopping mall in the suburbs that belonged to Tang Corporation was now practically an abandoned project.

All the departments had given up on the construction there.

There would be no traffic there.

There was only the wilderness and small roads.

How difficult would this task be

However, looking into Su Beis eyes, he saw boundless light and fearless confidence.

Zhuo Liping was influenced by Su Beis gaze and unexpectedly nodded.

“Then Ill accept your offer!”

“Okay, Ill wait for you to finish your work here.” Su Bei extended her hand.

“To a fruitful cooperation!”

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