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Chapter 819 The Fathers Mistake

Han Junting had been kneeling for more than two hours.

She was so cold that her whole body was trembling and her knees were weak.

Standing in front of Su Bei, she looked like she was about to collapse.

Her attitude was no longer as arrogant as before.

She became humble and weak.

Su Bei felt that this matter shouldnt be made into such a huge commotion.

However, Han Junting was indeed a little arrogant.

“Its nothing big this time.

I cant be bothered to pursue it.

But next time…”

Han Qiangsheng was so anxious that his face turned red.

He immediately said, “This wont happen again! Miss Su, dont worry.

Ill definitely bring my daughter back and discipline her properly.

This wont happen again!” “Yes.

The next time I see Miss Su, Ill definitely stay far away from you.

I wont dare to do it again,” Han Junting said as she cried.

Su Bei really did not want to see the father-daughter pair acting like this anymore.

She frowned slightly and said, “Okay, then I dont want to see this happening again.

Lets forget about this matter.”

you, Miss Su,” Han Qiangsheng said as he dragged Han Junting away.

There was still a good lesson to be learned.

The father-daughter pair left while stumbling.

Su Bei found it strange.

“Isnt the father a little too strict Even if Han Junting is in the wrong, how can he educate her like this”.

“Its the fathers fault for not educating his daughter well.

Since he didnt educate his daughter well, he would naturally have to bear the consequences.”

Lu Heting said in a low voice.

Fortunately, Han Qiangsheng reacted quickly and saved the family from bankruptcy.

Su Bei thought about it and realized that it was indeed the case.

She looked in Da Bao and Gun Guns direction and sighed.

“As parents, we really have to be fearful and cautious.

We have a lot of responsibilities.”

Lu Heting laughed and pulled her into his arms.

“Our sons have good genes.

They wont be like that person just now.”

“Thats right.

Oh, right.


Weijian has always adored our two children.

He even plans to bring them back to play games with him! Our Da Bao and Gun Gun are the best!” Su Bei was proud of them!

“If he likes children, let him give birth to them himself.” Lu Hetings murderous gaze pierced in Lu Weijians direction.

Lu Weijian was talking to Da Bao when he suddenly felt cold.

What was this coldness Why did it feel so familiar

After Lu Heting got into the car, he said that he would send Lu Weijian off.

How would Lu Weijian dare to ask his elder brother to send him off He was already very satisfied to celebrate his birthday with his elder brother, sister-in-law, and two nephews.

If he were to stay and disturb the happy life of the family of four, wouldnt his birthday become his death anniversary

“Well, I have a business deal nearby, no need to send me there.

I can walk there,” Weijian said.

“Goodbye, Mr.

Weijian.” Su Bei waved at him.

Lu Weijian waved happily.

“Goodbye.” He could not feel happy at all.

It was his birthday and he had to take a taxi home.

He could not find anyone as miserable as he was!

Sigh, comparing oneself to others was really infuriating!

Su Bei said to Lu Heting, “I also have a collaboration to discuss.

Can you wait for me here”

“Okay.” Lu Heting stopped the car.

Da Bao said, “Be careful.”

Gun Gun said, “I want a goodbye kiss!”

Su Bei, who had already gotten off the car, returned and left a kiss on the foreheads of the adult and two children before walking away.

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