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Chapter 816 Too Strange

Han Junting covered her face.

“Who is that man Why is he so scary I dont believe it!”

Why did her father have to be so afraid of that man Speaking of which, her father had made it big these past few years.

Usually, the people Han Junting met treated her with respect.

When had she ever seen her father so afraid of someone

“Shut up! This is also only something that you would ask! Dont mention it in the future again!” Han Qiang grabbed her hand.

“You will personally apologize.

I hope the heavens will let us have a chance to turn things around.

Otherwise, the whole family will be in trouble.”

Han Junting was so frightened that she kept quiet out of fear.

She really didnt expect her father to be so afraid of someone.

How did Su Bei manage to do this

However, she didnt even dare to ask such questions now.

If the Han family really went bankrupt and it was because of the stupid things she did today, Han Junting didnt dare to think about her future…

In the private room, Lu Weijian was chatting happily with Da Bao and Gun Gun.

Lu Heting and Su Bei were talking in low voices.

When the manager walked in and saw this scene, he could not help but hold his breath.

He tiptoed to Lu Hetings side and whispered, “Mr.

Lu, Miss Su.”

Lu Heting lifted his eyes slightly, signaling him to continue.

“The two people surnamed Han are downstairs.

They said they want to apologize to Miss Su.” The manager knew Lu Heting because he was a regular here.

He only knew that Lu Heting had a high standing, but he didnt know how high his status was.

Besides, Mr.

Weijian had already greeted him earlier, telling him not to be too obvious.

That was why he rushed to report this matter.

If he had known that this was the great Mr.

Lu, he would have sent those surnamed Han away long ago.

Su Bei asked curiously, “Who are the people surnamed Han”

“One is called Han Qiangsheng and the other is called Han Junting,” the manager hurriedly bowed and said.

Su Bei was surprised and said to Lu Heting, “Han Junting is the spoiled daughter of a rich family.

The few times she saw me, she purposely picked a fight with me.

She actually wants to apologize to me now Thats really strange.”

Lu Hetings expression remained unchanged as he said, “Perhaps her family found out that she went overboard today, so they brought her here to apologize.”

“Thats possible.

Some parents are very reasonable and strict with their childrens education,” Su Bei said.

She reached out to push her long hair on her shoulders and curled her red lips into a smile.

“But I dont want to see her right now.

Its affecting my appetite.

Manager, please have them leave.” “Okay, Ill go do it now,” the manager replied and quickly left.

Su Bei did not take this matter to heart.

Han Qiangsheng, who was outside the door, heard that their apologies were useless.

It wasnt easy for him to find out that Su Bei and the others were eating here.

If he missed this opportunity, then next time, he wouldnt be so lucky to meet Su Bei and that man again.

At the thought of this, he pulled Han Junting and knelt down in the underground parking lot without a second thought.

He was determined to not give up until he saw her.

Han Junting had long regretted it so much that her intestines were all twisted into a bunch.

If she had known that this would be the outcome, she would have… No, the last time she bought clothes, she would have kept her mouth shut and not argued with Su Bei.

She could only obediently kneel down with her father and wait for Su Bei to come downstairs.

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