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Chapter 811 I Said I Dont Want To, So I Dont Want To

“Miss Han, the private room has been prepared.

Let me bring you upstairs now.” Manager Pang didnt want to cause any more trouble and quickly said.

In other words, if Han Junting were reasonable earlier, according to the restaurants rules, she would just need to wait in the private lounge area and have some coffee there.

She did not even have to wait too long.

However, due to her status, she had to make such a fuss to emphasize her influence.

Indeed, after hearing this, Han Junting felt a little embarrassed.

After causing such a scene, Assistant Manager Zhuos resignation and departure was undoubtedly a huge slap to someone like her, who claimed to be the eldest daughter of the family and wanted everyone to make way for her.

It was impossible for her to find trouble with someone who had resigned.

Only Su Bei was still standing there, being an eyesore.

She raised her head and looked at Su Bei.

Su Beis beautiful eyes had a hint of a smile in them as she looked at her lazily and indifferently.

It was as if she was secretly mocking her, but it was also as if she was just watching a joke.

Triggered by her gaze, Han Junting said to Manager Pang, “Manager Pang, I dont want to eat at the same restaurant as this woman.

Have her leave.”

Only then did Manager Pang notice Su Bei, who was standing by the side.

He was stunned by the woman in front of him at first glance.

He had never seen such a beautiful woman, and she looked so indifferent.

It was as if she didnt know she was such a beautiful woman.

Upon the second glance, he realized that she was Su Bei, the model who walked on runways.

It was just that Su Beis exposure was a little low recently, and she was even more dazzling in real life than on stage or on television.

Therefore, Manager Pang only recognized her after a while.

“Miss Han, I heard that Miss Su made a reservation to eat…” Manager Pang was stunned by Su Beis beauty and unknowingly leaned toward Su Beis side, wanting to make peace for the two of them.

“I said I dont want to, so I dont want to.

Manager Pang, can you handle this matter or not If you cant, Ill go to another restaurant to eat! Arent you afraid of disgracing the status of other customers if you insist on letting such an actress in”

Han Junting had nowhere to vent her anger today, so she vented it on Su Bei.

Manager Pang was helpless.

However, he couldnt afford to offend such a rich young lady.

Furthermore, seeing that Han Junting and Su Bei were enemies, he naturally thought that Su Bei was messing around in the circle and was with some old man.

Was that why Han Junting hated her As he thought about it, he immediately went to Su Bei and said, “Miss Su, Im really sorry.

Its not convenient for our restaurant to receive customers today, so Ill have to ask you to leave for today.” Su Bei took out her phone.

From her expression, she did not seem offended as she calmly said, “Then, is the notice that I made a successful reservation invalid”

“Im really sorry.” This was Manager Pangs only sentence.

There was no way to make up for it.

Everything was for Han Junting.

Lu Weijian, who had been standing at the side for a while now, tugged on Lu Hetings sleeve and said, “Brother, look at them bullying Sister-in-law! This is too much! What does she mean bysuch an actress I think that woman is a piece of trash! Ill help Sister-in-law right away!”

“Come back!” Lu Heting called out to him.

Did Lu Weijian think that there werent enough people who shipped him and Su Bei Lu Heting didnt want him to interact with Su Bei in public anymore.

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