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Chapter 810 Are Rules More Important Than Making Money

“Are rules more important than making money Who do you think you are What is the identity of the person youre receiving here In front of VIPs, a prior reservation is nothing.

If this kind of thing happens again, I wont clean up your mess again!” Manager Pang was full of business knowledge.

Then, Manager Pang turned to Han Junting and said, “Our assistant manager is new here and doesnt know the rules.

Please understand, Miss Han.

Zhuo Liping, apologize to Miss Han!”

Manager Pang was completely focused on Han Junting and ignored Su Bei.

Su Bei was not in a hurry and calmly stood aside.

She had a calm expression on her face, and her lips were curled into a relaxed smile as she lazily looked at Manager Pang.

Han Junting raised her chin and stared at Zhuo Liping arrogantly.

Didnt they refuse to be polite just now Didnt they refuse to be servile and showed overbearing attitudes just now At this moment, werent they still going to apologize to her

Assistant Manager Zhuo thought for a moment before taking off the name tag on his chest.

“Manager Pang, I choose to resign.”

“This… This…” Manager Pang was also shocked.

He didnt expect Assistant Manager Zhuo to have such a bad temper.

Han Junting looked at Manager Pang and said, “Manager Pang, is this the standard of your restaurant The customers are the gods.

I havent even treated myself as a god yet but you guys cant take it anymore.

How am I going to spend money in your restaurant next time”

Manager Pang shot a glare at Assistant Manager Zhuo, telling him to quickly put away his immature thoughts and regain his rationality.

Assistant Manager Zhuo stepped forward.

Manager Pang was overjoyed.

The man had finally thought things through.

As long as he apologized to Han Junting, this matter wouldnt be so difficult to handle.

“Quick, apologize.” Manager Pang urged him.

Assistant Manager Zhuo was neither servile nor overbearing as he said in a clear voice, “Customers are indeed gods.

Our purpose of service is to do our best to satisfy all of the customers requests and serve every customer well.

However, this doesnt mean that there are no rules to follow.

If were always looking down on people, does this mean if we meet a customer with a higher status than Miss Han, we can chase you out”

Han Junting originally thought that he was going to apologize and crossed her arms.

If he was sincere, she would be magnanimous and let him off.

Who knew that he would say such words She said angrily, “You!”

“Since youre so rich, you should be like other wealthy nobles and book the special space on the top floor all year round so that you can come whenever.” Assistant Manager Zhuo only calmly narrated the matter.

“I believe that only a restaurant that emphasizes rules and principles can develop better.

Its the same for a person.”

After saying that, he apologized to Su Bei before leaving

“You… Manager Pang, Assistant Manager Zhuo is too much!” Han Junting was so angry that her face turned red.

He actually mocked her for not being rich enough to book the space all year round!

Moreover, he even resigned in front of her! How did such a person become an assistant manager! Su Bei helplessly held her forehead.

She had to watch a big show just for a meal She was not paying for this.

Manager Pang apologized profusely to Han Junting.

The service staff reminded Manager Pang, “Manager Pang, several guests have already finished their meals and their tables have been vacated.”

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