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Chapter 81: Chapter81 I Dont Need Anyone to Raise Me

Su Huixians face turned deathly pale.

Now she realized that everything was just Su Beis trick.

Su Bei didnt do anything.

She just said a few words, and it already pushed Su Huixian into such an unfavorable situation.

Su Huixian shook her head anxiously.

“No, Dad, Du Luo.

Please believe me.

How can I sacrifice my future just to frame Su Bei Its just that I really thought she drugged me…”

“But the truth is, she didnt!” Su Xingfu interrupted angrily.

Xu Zhiqin hurriedly spoke for her daughter, “Hubby, although Su Bei didnt drug her, Huixian did have a relapse at that time.

Besides, Su Bei touched Huixians glass.

Its only normal for Huixian to suspect her.”

Su Bei said in a calm voice, “Su Huixian looked uncomfortable at that time, so I poured her a glass of water.

I just tried to help her, as a sister.

But anyway, forget it.

I shouldnt have meddled in other peoples business.

I just humiliated myself.”

Su Xingfu had always preferred a gentle and obedient daughter.

So upon hearing Su Beis words, he said, “Huixian, youre in the wrong this time.

Apologize to Su Bei.”

“Hubby, Huixian just had a relapse.

Shes not in good health yet.

Dont make her condition worse,” Xu Zhiqin pleaded while wiping her tears.

When Su Bei saw that Su Xingfu was being fair, the coldness in her eyes faded away.

However, the next second, Su Xingfus words made her realize that nothing could be changed.

The Su family would never be her family.

Su Xingfu would always be Su Huixians father only, not hers.

Su Xingfu said, “Then Su Bei, I apologize to you on behalf of Huixian.

Lets just forget what happened tonight.

We dont want to release the investigation result to the public.

We will tell them that everything was only a misunderstanding.

What do you think”

Such a suggestion was not so much to defend Su Huixian but added salt to Su Beis wound.

Before the investigation result came out, he allowed Su Huixian to attack her on the Internet.

At that time, why didnt he stop Su Huixian from making this matter public

But now that he found out that Su Huixian might be ruined, he made such a request from her.

Su Bei looked at Su Xingfu indifferently.

“What do you think people will think of me if we dont announce this to the public Right now, everyone believes that I really drugged Su Huixian, and I stole her part in Orisa Fashion Show.

How can I prove that Im innocent”

“Ive already told you that I can raise you after you go home,” Su Xingfu replied.

“You can raise me Im a normal person who needs to work and realize my self-worth.

Im not a pet of the Su family nor a puppet that can be controlled by others.

I dont need anyone to raise me.”

Seeing that Su Bei refused to listen to him, Su Xingfu turned to the policeman and said, “We can discuss this matter on our own.

Besides, its just a misunderstanding among our family members.

Why not just let us deal with this investigation report by ourselves”

Actually, his suggestion was favorable to the police.

After all, it was difficult for outsiders like them to get involved in family matters.

As long as there was no major incident, they usually allowed family members to deal with their own family matters.

But today, they couldnt.

So the policeman said, “Im sorry, Mr.


We will announce the investigation result according to the procedure.”

The expression on Su Xingfus face changed drastically.

Xu Zhiqin and Su Huixian were also on the verge of collapsing.

Their legs were feeble after what the policeman said.

The police would make their final conclusion.

Once this report came out on the news, Su Huixian would definitely receive countless ridicules and humiliation.

Brands like Orisa would definitely not cooperate with her anymore.


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