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Chapter 809 Apologize To Miss Han Immediately

“Does that mean that Im useless as a VIP customer” Han Junting asked.

Assistant Manager Zhuo said evenly, “Miss Han, were simply doing things according to the rules.

After all, Miss Su made a reservation first.

Our restaurants rule is that a guests reservation is given priority.

Of course, as a VIP customer, youll also be given priority.

Thus, we have already prepared a private lounge area for you to drink coffee.

You can rest for a while and wait for a vacancy.”

In other words, if Han Junting had made a reservation, this private room might have been hers.

However, she felt that she was of noble status and didnt have that kind of self-awareness.

She felt that if she came at any time, the restaurant should prepare a private room for her.

If they didnt do so, it would be an act of disrespect against her.

The restaurant was expected to ignore other guests to welcome her.

After saying that, Assistant Manager Zhuo said to Su Bei, “Miss Su, please go upstairs.”

Su Bei nodded and smiled as she followed Assistant Manager Zhuo.

However, Han Junting shouted, “Stop right there!”

Assistant Manager Zhuo had no choice but to stop in his tracks as he stared at Han Junting helplessly.

Han Junting whipped out her phone and waved it in the air.

“Since you cant make the decision here, Ive already sent a WeChat message to the general manager.

Lets wait for him to come and help us settle this!” Her words were filled with arrogance as she looked at Su Bei with a high and mighty air as if asking with her eyes,What right do you have to get a private room here before I do

Han Junting could give in to anyone but Su Bei!

Assistant Manager Zhuo wanted to say something to resolve the situation, but before he could say anything, Han Juntings card was tossed onto his face.

“You dont have to say anything.

I dont want to say another word to


In other words, Assistant Manager Zhuo was not worthy.

Assistant Manager Zhuos expression changed immediately.

However, due to the nature of his work, he didnt flare up immediately and endured it.

Not long after, an older person walked over.

When he saw Han Junting, he couldnt help but reveal a smile.

He bowed again and bent his back to greet her.

“Miss Han, youre here To what do we owe this honor Your presence has really brought light to our humble restaurant! What are you all still standing around for Hurry up and make arrangements for Miss Han!”

“Manager Pang, Im here but Assistant Manager Zhuo told me to wait for a private room.

I was thinking that my VIP status was useless.

I didnt expect it to be so useless,” Han Junting said sourly.

Manager Pang had a round face and was chubby.

He immediately squeezed out a smile.

“How is that possible Miss Han, youre our restaurants guest.

Why would we treat you like this Zhuo Liping, tell us, what exactly happened”

Assistant Manager Zhuo was about to speak when Manager Pang stopped him.

“I know.

No matter what, we cant let Miss Han suffer.” As he spoke, he winked at Assistant Manager Zhuo, using his gaze to tell him,Do you know how much the Han family spends every year in the restaurant The Han family always holds their business banquet in our restaurant.

I dont care what the reason is, apologize to Miss Han now!

“Manager Pang, do you want to disregard the rules of the restaurant now” Assistant Manager Zhuos expression turned slightly cold.

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