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Chapter 802 Killing Two Birds With One Stone

From time to time, someone would call Su Bei to ask if she had any more jade products to sell.

It could be seen how popular these things were.

Yue Ze also gave Su Bei a call and asked, “Su Bei, where did you get these things from A friend actually called me and asked me to help them buy some jewelry.

Do you still have any left”

Su Bei saw that her plan was slowly starting to work and smiled.

“Theyre handmade by a designer.

They might not be able to supply any more in a short period of time.

When the time comes, invite your friend to Jingbei Square to buy them.”

Yue Ze recalled that Su Bei was currently handling the Tang familys matters and asked, “Do you need help”

“Thats not necessary,” Su Bei said.

“I have people helping me.” Yue Ze thought of the man behind Su Bei and knew that he might not be of much help anyway.

Su Bei had already thought it through.

She helped Feng Cheng register a studio called Ruyi, which specialized in his own handmade jade works as well as repairing high-end jewelry.

At that time, the studio would be at Jingbei Square.

Not only could it increase the flow of people in the square, but it could also provide Feng Cheng with a platform for his work.

That way, it would be killing two birds with one stone.

On the other hand.

At a high-class social event, there were many guests present.

The men and women here all had noble statuses.

Men in suits and elegant ladies were shuttling back and forth.

Many rich ladies and daughters of wealthy families appeared at the scene with red wine and champagne.

Everyone chatted amiably with each other.

This was a banquet for political and business relations in the capital.

On this sort of occasion, it had always been the heavy responsibility of various aristocratic families to interact with each other and privately communicate with each other.

Madam Lin and Lin Wenyu also appeared in the crowd.

Madam Lins best friend, Madam Chen, appeared and greeted Madam Lin.

She smiled and said, “Zufang, youre finally here.

Weve all been waiting for you.

Please come in.

That person came early.” This close friend of hers, Madam Chen, was also a person of high status.

However, she was slightly inferior to Madam Lin.

The woman she was referring to was the most prestigious lady in S Country, the wife of the president of S Country.

Her appearance caused a small commotion but everyone quickly calmed down, not daring to talk about her anymore.

Although many people wanted to befriend her, they knew that it was impossible for them to disturb her with their status, so they could only listen.

“That person is here too” Madam Lin really didnt expect to see Madam President so soon.

“Zufang, why arent you wearing the jade bracelet Madam President gave you” Madam Chen was shocked.

“Where did the bracelet


“Have you forgotten that I damaged the bangle in the car accident Ive looked for many people, but none of them managed to repair it.” At this point, Madam Lin looked worried.

“How could you be so careless” Madam Chen was both concerned and worried.

“Then what should we do now”

Madam Lin fell into deep thought.

Her status was actually higher than many people here.

If Madam President were not around, she would be the one with the highest status.

Everyone would have to smile respectfully at her.

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