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Chapter 80: Chapter 80 No Drug Found

“Okay,” Su Bei quickly replied.

She then looked at Lu Heting and asked, “Mr.

Lu, dont you want to know the cause and effect of this matter”

“No need.

You must be right.” Lu Heting tucked her forelock behind her ear.

“What if its really my fault”

Lu Heting said in a deep voice, “Do I look like Im here to accompany you or to uphold justice for someone”

There were stars twinkling in Su Beis eyes when she burst into laughter.

Her mood became more relaxed.

When they walked out of the room, Xu Zhiqin hid the viciousness in her eyes and stared at Su Bei fiercely.

Su Huixian, on the other hand, put on a pitiful look while in Du Luos arms.

As Lu Heting followed Su Bei, he deliberately kept a low profile.

It was nighttime, and no one could see his appearance clearly.

Su Xingfu looked at Su Bei angrily and said, “Su Bei, you must apologize to Huixian and come back home after the truth comes out.

I wont allow you to make a fool of yourself again.”

Thinking that she snatched Su Huixians chance to appear on the stage, he felt that her stunning performance was nothing special.

“Dad, dont be angry at Su Bei.

The result will be out soon,” Su Huixian persuaded gently.

Du Luo just gave Su Bei a meaningful look.

The police and the doctors came over and stood in front of them.

“Whats the result” Xu Zhiqin asked hurriedly.

As soon as she got the result, she would ask Qiu Minxuan to post it on the Internet and let everyone condemn Su Bei.

How dare she drug Su Huixian! She had to bear the consequences.

Su Huixian also waited for the result nervously.

A policeman swept his gaze over them with a complicated expression and said, “This glass of water is all clean.

Theres no drug in it.

We also havent found any suspicious drugs backstage.

Besides, the doctor in Orisa Fashion Show has given us a clear statement that Su Huixians asthma was triggered by her nervousness.

No drug has been found in her body.

Here are all the examination reports.”

Following the policemans words, the expression on Su Huixians face changed little by little.

In the end, the confidence in her eyes shattered into pieces and disappeared.

She shook her head.

“No way! Su Bei personally said that she drugged me.”

Standing aside, Su Bei asked in a lazy tone, “Really Did I say it myself Or it was merely your guess”

It was only then that Su Huixian realized that Su Bei indeed didnt say anything about drugging.

It was just her one-sided conjecture.

She was already nervous because it was her first time to stand on the big stage.

She was worried that she would not perform well and others would compare her to Su Bei.

Then when she heard that Su Bei was the one who poured water for her, she got more nervous, which triggered her asthma.

Besides, when the person in charge was determined to replace her, she was so nervous that she couldnt even speak.

There was nothing in the water.

“Su Bei, you…” Su Huixian pointed at Su Bei.

Su Bei looked at her indifferently.

Because she was too suspicious, and she was determined to bring Su Bei down, she thought that she had got something on Su Bei and immediately called the police.

Then she kept posting on Weibo in an attempt to snail Su Bei to the pillar of shame in history.

But in the end, it was she who had to bear the consequences.

Even if the police would not pursue the charges, the public would definitely scold her mercilessly.

With complicated expressions on their faces, Su Xingfu and Du Luo looked at her.

“Huixian, are you deliberately going against Su Bei”


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