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Chapter 797 Lets Rest Together

Seeing Lu Hetings displeasure, Su Bei quickly explained, “Tang Yue passed this responsibility to me, but I really want to handle it myself.

This way, when I have money in the future, Ill…”

She wanted to say that if she had money, she could take care of her sons while keeping Lu Heting from being bullied and looked down upon by those people.

However, saying that would hurt Lu Hetings pride.

She changed her words and said, “Anyway, I have money now.

I can do whatever I want.

No one can control me.” “Is it because of me” Lu Heting saw through her thoughts.

“Who said so Im doing it for myself.” Su Bei denied.

Lu Heting sat down with her.

For herself If she really only wanted money, why would she work so hard

“Tell me what happened.”

Su Bei told Lu Heting about how the Lin family targeted the Tang family.

Lu Heting had no idea about this.

He never cared about other peoples family matters.

However, from what Su Bei said, if the powerful Lin family really wanted to make a move on the Tang family, their attacks would be too aggressive and difficult to stop.

Su Bei said, “So since this mall is basically abandoned by the Tang family anyway, I might be able to counterattack if I stay and handle this project.”

“Grandpa allowed you to split these projects among yourselves.

He indeed has his own considerations,” said Lu Heting.

“The Lin family has been targeting the Tang family for a long time, so Im afraid it will be difficult to stop them.

However, if the projects are in the hands of the younger generation and the resources are scattered, the Lin family wont have that much power to target you.”

“Yes, I think so too.

The most important thing is that I actually already have some plans for this shopping mall.

We can develop it together.

If we work together, no one can gossip about us anymore.”

The image that Su Bei imagined was that she and Lu Heting would stand side by side in front of everyone to announce that they were a couple who fully supported each other.

“Dont stay up too late.” Lu Heting ruffled her hair.

Hearing her arrangements and imagining the scene, Lu Hetings heart fluttered.

Standing next to her and telling the whole world about the two of them was something he had longed for a long time.

Su Bei looked up at him and said, “You should rest first.

Ill go over soon.”

“No, lets go together.” Lu Heting reached out and pulled her over.

“Cough, cough…” Su Bei always felt that resting with him could not be called resting.

Instead, it was tiring.

Hearing her cough, Lu Heting frowned slightly.

He was a little worried.

“You caught a cold Looks like you really cant be in the kitchen…” “Hey!” Su Bei quickly covered his mouth.

“Lets rest together.

Dont talk about anything else.”

Her face was red.

Lu Hetings lips curved slightly as he held her hand.

When Su Bei fell asleep, Lu Heting got up to look at Da Bao and Gun Gun as usual.

She wanted to see if the two kids had kicked off their blankets in their sleep.

At first, Su Bei was the one doing this, but in order to let her sleep more comfortably, Lu Heting took over the task.

Speaking of which, after Su Bei and Da Bao came back, Lu Heting had much more things to take care of than before.

However, everything made him happy and fulfilled.

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