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Lin Shulian walked out and said with tears in her eyes, “Ive let everyone down.

I didnt expect the Lin family to target me like this.

Big Brother, Sister-in-law, I dont want to drag you down.

Leave it to us to settle.”

Cai Hua said aggressively, “Alright, you guys go and solve this problem about the mall.

Leave the new project in the west of the city to us.

Isnt that fair”

Tang Yue was infuriated.

“Its not fair at all.

How can the profits in the west of the city be divided like this”

“What else can we do Do you want us to clean up your mess I havent even fought with you for Sheng Tang Central Square,” Cai Hua pouted and said.

Su Bei finally knew why Old Master Tang had a relapse.

The whole family would nag endlessly over such matters.

It was hard for Old Master Tang not to have a relapse.

She picked up a cup of warm tea and accompanied Old Master Tang.

She was not interested in these matters nor did she want to be emotionally involved.

Cai Hua said, “Anyway, the project in the west of the city should be decided reasonably.

You two sisters can split the Sheng Tang Central Square and Jingbei Sheng Tang Square.”

The moment she spoke, she snatched away the big project.

Tang Jianming and Lin Shulian were not in a position to fight for it.

Seeing that things had turned out this way, Tang Yue said, “Then Ill be in charge of the opening of Sheng Tang Central Square.

Grandpa, this is all I can help you with.”

Sheng Tang Central Square was located in the heart of the capital city, where every inch of land was worth its weight in gold.

The investment was huge, and the construction was grand and magnificent.

It occupied the most favorable position, and as expected, once it opened, business would be exceptionally booming.

As long as one was not a fool or had a screw loose, one would never incur losses in the business here!

As for Jingbei Sheng Tang Square, it was located in the suburbs.

At first, it was the most promising place.

However, now that the Lin family had interfered, it was like a pile of trash.

Not only had the piece of treasure become waste, but it would also be a huge problem to clean up this mess.

Tang Xinru wanted to say something, but her career was focused on Sheng Tang Entertainment.

She couldnt handle such a big mess like Jingbei Sheng Tang Square.

Therefore, she hesitated and could only look at Su Bei apologetically.

Now, only Jingbei Sheng Tang Square was left with no one to manage.

Old Master Tang saw that the few of them had already divided the two projects between themselves.

The good one had been snatched and only the huge mess was left.

He couldnt help but feel depressed.

He had really gotten old.

He couldnt even suppress his family anymore.

He waved his hand.

“Thats all for now.

Go back.”

Cai Hua could not wait to leave.

Seeing that Tang Xinru still wanted to say something, she grabbed her hand.

“Lets go!”

Tang Xinru had no choice but to leave with her parents.

Meanwhile, Lin Shulian said to Old Master Tang with tears in her eyes,

“Dad, Im really sorry.

Its all because of me…”

“Lets not talk about it anymore.

Youre all tired.

Go and rest.”

Tang Yue glanced at Su Bei and gently said to Lin Shulian, “Mom, dont be sad.

Ill accompany you to rest.”

“Su Bei, Ive let the Tang family down.

Ive also let you down.” Lin Shulian held Su Beis hand.

“I didnt expect the Lin family to do such a thing… ”

Su Bei did not know what to say.

After a while, Tang Yue persuaded Lin Shulian to leave..


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