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Nothing could happen.

Otherwise, with the Lin familys hatred toward Lin Shulian, Su Bei would be implicated sooner or later.

Lin Hancheng turned around and arranged for people to immediately investigate that great sages identity.

‘To think that someone in the capital city of S Country would engage in such feudal superstitions! Even if they didnt deceive the old madam, its still a disaster if theyre deceiving the elderly! Once we track down that organization that cheats the elderly, we must punish them severely!” Lin Hancheng instructed his subordinate angrily.

Soon after, his subordinate quickly reported the news.

“That great sage didnt cheat the old madam of her money and doesnt belong to any organization, but… that great sages name is Su Bei.”

His subordinate had yet to find out anything else, but Lin Hancheng was already furious!

Su Bei! He had long heard that the Tang family had recognized a daughter called Su Bei.

Initially, he did not intend to look into it.

However, he did not expect Su Bei to approach the old madam!

She must have ulterior motives, and it made Lin Hancheng so angry that his eyes turned red.

He recalled how Lin Shulian had stayed in the Lin family with that identity.

The Lin family treated her with sincerity, but she was worse than a beast… Did she arrange for Su Bei to get close to the old madam

Did she think that the Lin family had not been hurt enough

Lin Hancheng punched the table.

The subordinate had never seen Lin Hancheng lose his temper like this.

Even though he was a general, he was usually just serious.

It was rare for him to be so angry.

The subordinate hurriedly said, “Then Ill continue to investigate…”

“Theres no need to investigate!” Lin Hancheng had a lot of hatred for Lin Shulian, so since the matter was related to Su Bei, he already had his answer.

This answer was extremely unfavorable for both the Tang family and Su Bei!

Su Bei was unaware of all this.

That was because she had never paid attention to who Lin Shulians mother was and what kind of family backgroun& she had.

She was filming her final scene in the production team.

After a whole day of filming, she received a call from Tang Xinru the moment she got her phone.

“Grandfather is sick Ill be right there.” Su Bei put down her phone and rushed to the hospital.

Great-uncle Tang Jiankang and his father Tang Jianmings family were all there.

Old Master Tang was lying on the hospital bed.

His mental state was not good.

“Cousin, is Grandpa alright What did the doctor say” Su Bei rushed over and asked.

Old Master Tang waved his hand.

“Su Bei, come to me.

Im fine.

Im just old.

My body isnt as healthy as when I was young.”

“Grandpa, youre still young.

How can you say that youre old” Su Bei saw the love in his eyes and comforted him.

“With you guys around, I feel much better,” Old Master Tang laughed.

“Grandfather, you still need to take care of your health.

Why dont you stay in the hospital for a while That way, everyone can be at ease,” Tang Yue said immediately..


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