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“Grandma, Im not short of money and Im not deceiving others.” Su Bei definitely did not want to accept her money, so she was very honest.

“I have my own reasons for pretending to be a great sage.”

Su Bei thought for a while.

This old woman seemed to be someone of status, and it was easy for people to have a good impression of her.

If she told her about it, she believed that she could keep it a secret.

When the old woman heard this, she let out anohin surprise.

She clearly did not expect that Su Bei was not pretending to be a great sage to cheat people of their money.

She was just helping her friends.

“However, this is still a scam.

Even if you can solve this problem for now, it wont last forever,” the old woman said calmly.

Su Bei smiled.

“Yes, but dont you think that the real problem is whether my two friends can really be together As long as theyre sincerely together, understand each other, take care of each other, and lead a good life together, Mrs.

Yues attitude wont be a big problem anymore.

“Shes just a barrier in between my friends marriage.

After crossing this barrier, its up to them to see how their lives will turn out.

“If they can really live happily, I believe that Mrs.

Yue isnt the kind of mother wholl make her son suffer.

The old woman was stunned.

It was unexpected that although Su Bei seemed young, she could clearly analyze the situation.

She smiled and said, “Young lady, your words do contain some logic.

However, shouldnt your male friend handle this matter himself”

“When facing your own family, its inevitable for you to be restrained.

Its also inevitable for you to be more tolerant of your parents.

This is human nature.

Ive checked.

His mother isnt a bad person, but shes too


Therefore, its not a big deal for me to lend a hand to my friend.

Furthermore, Mrs.

Yue is also very happy now, so why not” Su Bei said logically.

She said softly, “Even if its my son and he marries a woman with a child, I might feel uneasy.

I might worry about whether hed do well and whether hed get hurt.

I think that there are some things that we should look at from another perspective and put ourselves in the shoes of others.”

“Child, what you said makes sense.” The old woman nodded and said, “When a person becomes a mother and an elder, their roles change.

Indeed, they cant help but think differently from young people.

I just didnt expect you to have such thoughts at such a young age.”

Su Bei smiled.

Perhaps with Da Bao and Gun Gun, it was easier for her to consider things from a mothers perspective.

Su Bei did not know if it was inconvenient for the old woman to go home by herself.

Hence, she said, “Grandma, let me help you hail a cab and send you home.”

“Alright then.” The old woman looked at Su Bei.

“I feel like Ive seen you somewhere before.

You look familiar.”

She reminded her of her daughter.

Su Bei guessed that she must have seen her in a TV commercial..


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