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Chapter 786: Unclear

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Yue immediately expressed that she wanted to go over and rushed straight to the hospital.

In the end, she heard a young doctor say to Yue Ze, “This can either be a big or small matter.

We still need to do further tests to confirm.”


Yues legs went weak.

“Doctor, what happened to my son”

This doctor was Lin Wenyu.

She said solemnly, “Theres a cyst in his body.

I dont know if its benign or malignant.”

“What does benign mean What does malignant mean”

“If its benign, its fine as long as its removed.

If its malignant, its cancer,” Lin Wenyu said.

“Then what should we do What should we do”

Lin Wenyu couldnt answer this question.

She shook her head and left.


Yue wanted to blame everything on Lv Shan, but seeing her son like this, she could not say anything.

This was her only son, and she had pinned all her hopes on him.

Now that her son was like this, what else could she say

Yue Ze said, “Mom, Ill send you back.

Or you can stay at my place.”

“Where are you staying Im not staying there.” Mrs.

Yue did not want to stay with Lv Shan.

“Lv Shan has already moved out.” Yue Ze sounded very sad.

“She really moved out Thats great.

No, I mean, Ill move in to take care of you…” Mrs.

Yue said quickly.

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Yue Ze stood behind her and adjusted his glasses.

In order to cooperate with Su Beis plan, Lv Shan moved away and Lin Wenyu also helped out with the hospitals report.

Now, it was up to his mother to believe it.

Based on his experience with his mother, she would believe him.

After all, once one started to believe in superstitions, it would be as difficult to change that belief.

It was as though it had already been ingrained in ones mind.

on night, sheYue house,sonshadMrs.wasmovedto forsearched.

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The hospitals medical report was still unclear, so they requested Yue Ze to continue with the examination.


Yue was loitering around the park when the great immortal came again.

immediately “Greatme!”said rushed over sheplease Immortal,Seeingto him, andhim, help

Su Bei sat down and said, “Its not easy for me to help you with this matter.

Im afraid it wont be easy for your son to find someone whose birth characters match with his.”

“Do you mean that we must find that person and let them get married”

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ther relaxed Ifand betterare


Yue believed in these things without a doubt.

However, where could she find such a compatible person

She respectfully said, “Please give me a hint, Great Immortal.”

“What characters”birth sonsyour are


Yue hurriedly reported it.

Su Bei pinched her fingers and said, “Your son is destined to be rich, successful in his career, and lead a noble life.

However, theres one thing.

He has a steady personality but is slightly depressed.

Hes physically strong but is easily prone to illnesses.

He needs someone to keep him company.

The person

whos destined to keep him company will have a child with her.

Im afraid itll be difficult for your son to succeed..”

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