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Chapter 784: Please Give Me A Reading As Well

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Yue Ze thought about it.

No matter what, he could not hurt his mother.

Lv Shan was not in a position to fight with his mother.

He had already tried everything, but he could not stop his mother from coming.

His father had been making phone calls every day from his hometown.

He could no longer stop the two of them.

Lv Shan had not even completed her postnatal recovery period.

She had not been able to rest well.

Perhaps Su Beis idea could really solve the problem from the source.

After a day, Su Bei received the documents that Yue Ze had specially sent over.

“If theres anything you need to ask me, just give me a call.” Although Yue Ze didnt really believe that Su Bei could solve the problem, he still held great hope.

He had even threatened to sever ties with his mother, but she refused to budge and insisted that Lv Shan move out of his place.

Su Bei was Yue Zes last hope.

“Okay, I will.” After Su Bei finished filming, she held Lv Shans mother-in-laws information and read it.

“Oh…” Lin Yu dragged out his last word and sat down beside her.” No wonder you always pass in one go.

So youre giving special treatment behind my back.

Su Xiaobei, Su Xiaobei, youve learned your lesson.

Su Bei handed him a bottle of coke and continued looking down.

“What exactly are you looking at Why are you so engrossed” Lin Yu reached out and dragged her over.

He wanted to see what she was looking at too.

He looked at it for a while and realized that it had nothing to do with acting.

‘What was the point of looking at the life of an old woman in her 60s

“Su Bei, what exactly are you doing”

“shh, this is a secret!” Su Bei had learned about Mrs.

Yues strengths and weaknesses.

Although she was hesitant, it seemed she would have to make use of this information now.

“Lin Stone, do me a favor!” Su Bei pulled him over and ordered.

‘When Lin Yu heard that, he thought that there would be something fun for him to get involved in and he immediately agreed.

Su Bei called Lin Wenyu again and asked, “Didnt you say that you work in the hospital Can you do me a favor”

“Tm just an intern.

Which departments specialist do you want to see Im not very good at this yet, so I can introduce you to my teacher,” Lin Wenyu said with some shame and frustration.

Although Su Bei came to seek her help, she couldnt help her.

All these years of medical school had been wasted.

“Theres no need for so much trouble.

Youre enough!” Su Bei said.

Lin Wenyu was immediately filled with confidence and hope.

“Then tell me what to do.”

Lv Shans mother-in-law was renting a small house and ready to fight a long battle with her son.

Anyway, she would never allow a woman like Lv Shan to bring her child to their family.

In the moming, she was walking past a park to buy groceries at the market across the estate.

For the past few days, she always saw an old man with a sage-like aura sitting there.

His eyes were narrowed as he mumbled something.

Ayoung man was kneeling on the ground.

He bowed with cupped hands and thanked, “Thank you, Great Immortal, for helping me resolve the bloody calamity.

Great Immortal, youre truly a deity in this world.

In the future, Ill worship you day and night! Ill definitely kneel and worship you to show my



Yue was tempted.

Wasnt there a disaster in her family She had always believed in the words of divine beings and gods.

In her hometown, she would frequently go to the temple for a few days to eat vegetarian meals and recite Buddhist prayers.

Without waiting for the young man to leave, Mrs.

Yue impatiently stepped forward and said, “Great Immortal, please give me a reading as well.”

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