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Chapter 780: The Person She Most Wanted To Be Friends With

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Feng Cheng felt a little uncomfortable with their smiles.

His face was a little red as he reached out to take off his wig and took out the jade from his stomach.

Su Bei and Lin Wenyu saw that he was shy, so they stopped laughing and continued driving steadily.

By the time those people reacted, the three young men would have already turned into three young women and left the city.

It would be too late to chase after them.

Furthermore, if these people wanted to take advantage of the situation, they could only do something in the vicinity of the trading center.

They could not make a move elsewhere.

Very soon, Su Beis rented car was parked in the parking lot downstairs.

$u Bei and Lin Wenyu had no opinion on how to split the remaining items.

After all, they had only spent 8,000 yuan.

However, Feng Cheng stopped them and quickly typed on his phone: [When I earn money in the future, Ill only take my share.]

“Okay,” Su Bei replied.

After all, her main battleground for earning money was the entertainment industry.

She wanted to earn enough money to support Lu Heting.

Lin Wenyu wasnt calculativ

“Tl do whatever Su Bei wants.

Just ask her if you have any opinions in the future.”

“Then Ill keep the 192,000 that I havent spent yet,” Feng Cheng wrote.

It was the remaining money that Su Bei and Lin Wenyu had pooled together.

Of course, there was no problem, so the matter was quickly settled.

Lin Wenyu had fun with Su Bei for the whole day and was especially happy.

When she returned home, her face was filled with excitement.

When she saw her father, Lin Hancheng, and mother, Qin Zufang, sitting on the sofa, she quickly stopped and greeted them.

“Why is this child so happy today” Qin Zufang asked.

Lin Wenyu originally wanted to talk about Su Bei, but on second thought, the Tang family was taboo in the entire Lin family.

Su Bei was also a member of the Tang family.

If she said it out loud, who knew how big of a commotion it would cause.

She couldnt help but shut her mouth.

The joyful expression on his face quickly disappeared and returned to normal.

“Go upstairs and change, then come down for some chicken soup,” said Qin Zufang with a smile.

Lin Wenyu was usually very quiet at home, so Qin Zufang did not take her change of mood to heart.

However, when Lin Wenyu went upstairs, her footsteps became heavy.

The person she most wanted to be friends with was actually a member of the Tang family.

This meant that she had to be sneaky in the future.

Thinking of this, she felt a little uncomfortable.

A few days later, Feng Cheng asked Su Bei to go to the house she rented for him.

As soon as Su Bei stepped in, she saw the raw stones that she had exchanged for the last time.

The room was filled up like a small raw stone shop.

However, perhaps Feng Cheng was a clean freak, so he had tidied up the place neatly and cleanly.

There wasnt even a trace of dust.

“Why are you so secretive to show me something What are you looking at” Su Bei walked around and saw that the big stone she had her eyes on was still there.

She couldnt help but touch it.

Feng Cheng carried a tray covered with a cloth.

It was very exquisite and looked like something he cherished very much.

“What is this”

Feng Cheng gestured for her to open it.

Su Bei reached out and paused.

“It cant be a bug, right When I was young, I was most afraid of people playing pranks and using bugs to scare me.

Even now, I still have psychological trauma.”

Feng Cheng shook his head, an amused expression appearing on his face.

He didnt expect her to be afraid of bugs..

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