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Chapter 777: Dont You Think Of Me As Your Friend

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Boss Wang pretended to be troubled.

“But I dont think thats a good idea.

I have to keep these small ones to sell for money.”

“Then forget it.

Ill go somewhere else to trade it.” Su Bei did not waste any time talking to him.

With a smile on her face, she was about to leave.

The onlookers also left with them.

Someone couldnt help but speak up.

“Young man, you should treasure the wealth youve obtained.

That large rock might not even be able to produce such a good treasure.

Are you really going to trade”

“If you want to trade, you might as well sell it to me.

Ill give you five million yuan in cash! I can give you another 500,000 yuan! If you exchange it, you might only have a pile of broken stones!”

“Young and impetuous children should not be foolish and miss the first bucket of gold in their lives.”

After hearing their persuasion, Boss Wang couldnt take it anymore.

He immediately said, “Fine, fine, fine.

Ill trade with you.

Just tell me what you want.”

Seeing that Su Bei and the rest had really chosen to trade their stone, everyone could not help but sigh.

They felt that this young man was too foolish and did not know how to cherish his gains.

Who knew if there would be any more valuable stones in the future

“Feng Cheng, pick some stones that you like.” Su Bei picked the big stone and let Feng Cheng choose the small ones.

Feng Cheng looked left and right, choosing dozens of small stones.

Su Bei wrote down an address and asked Boss Wang to send them all to Feng Chengs place.

These things could not be sent to Su Beis place anyway.

{I want to open another one.] Feng Cheng sent Su Bei a WeChat message.

“Of course, you can.

You can open whichever piece you like.

Except for the big one, its all yours,” Su Bei said.

Therefore, Boss Wang left a piece for Feng Cheng to play with.

The rest were sent to the address Su Bei gave him.

‘As Feng Cheng was dealing with the stone, Su Bei and Lin Wenyu went around to play.

At the same time, Su Bei also went to get two cards.

Each had 1.7 million yuan in them for Lin Wenyu and Feng Cheng.

After all, that piece of jade was worth five million yuan.

She took it to trade it for a stone.

Lin Wenyu and Feng Cheng should have a share too, so the money that should be given to them must not be any less than that.

After she got the cards, she bought some food with Lin Wenyu.

She saw that Feng Cheng was still using his dagger on that stone.

After a while, it could be seen that there was no hint of any green.

No one was interested in watching it anymore.

“Who would be so lucky as to open two stones with valuable jade inside Its something one should not even dream of”

“Thats right.

Young people nowadays are not only dissatisfied with what they have, but they also indulge in fantasy.”

“Lets go and take a look over there.”

Su Bei did not expect any results from Feng Cheng this time.

She handed him the iced coke she bought and said, “Take a break.”

Feng Cheng took the coke and drank two mouthfuls.

Su Bei took out her card and said, “One for each of you.”

“What is this” Lin Wenyu asked curiously.


We agreed on the jade just now, Everyone has a share.

I cant keep everything alone.

Take it

Lin Wenyu immediately backed away and retracted her hand.

Her eyes were moist.

“Su Bei, dont you think of me as a friend I sincerely treat you as a friend!”

When she said that, Su Bei did not know what to say..

Why did she feel like she was a scumbag

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