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Chapter 774: Make More Money To Support Him

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Su Bei and Lin Wenyu were bored and stood up to look at the other stones.

“Su Bei, do you have anything you want to buy” Lin Wenyu asked.

“Me” Su Bei actually didnt have anything she wanted to buy.

She didnt have Feng Zes taste, so she just wanted to take a look.

However, she soon noticed a very large stone.

The lines of the stone were cold and stern.

It seemed to resemble Lu Heting.

It was strange that a stone looked like Lu Heting, but the feeling was hard to ignore.


It wouldnt be a bad idea to buy it for Lu Heting.

Lin Wenyu saw her looking at the stone and ran up to take a look.

Then, she clicked her tongue and said, “Su Bei, this costs five million!”

“Its indeed very expensive, but its more than twice the size of the stone that the person just opened.

Forget it, forget it.

I cant buy a stone for five million!” Su Bei dismissed this thought.

Lu Hetings total net worth was less than ten million yuan, and he only got the money because his house was demolished.

She would be crazy to spend five million yuan to buy a stone.

Although she really wanted to earn more money to support him, she shouldnt use such a method.

Lin Wenyu saw that Su Bei had said that she didnt want to buy it, but her eyes were fixed on that stone.

She thought about it and made up her mind.

She gritted her teeth and said, “Su Bei, if you like that stone, Ill buy it for you!”


She couldnt take seeing Su Bei wanting it so badly but not being able to get it.

“What Youre giving it to me” Su Bei remembered that when she wanted to fork out a million dollars to buy a stone here, a look of pain was etched across her face.

Su Bei thought that she didnt have much money and was just a child from an ordinary wealthy family.

Who knew that Lin Wenyu would buy

something worth five million dollars for her


If you like it, I can give it to you.” Lin Wenyu usually didnt like to spend money extravagantly.

She was different from those rich young ladies.

She didnt like to buy bags or play around.

She just liked to read books and study.

But it seemed like she could bear to spend money on Su Bei.

It was worth it!

Su Bei quickly refused.

“No need.

Its just a stone.

Its not worth it.

Besides, if I really like it, Ill buy it myself.”

Lin Wenyu felt a little regretful that she had been tactfully rejected.

Since when did she feel so uncomfortable for getting rejected

She was about to insist when she heard Boss Wang shout, “My goodness!”

Su Bei and Lin Wenyu quickly walked toward Feng Cheng.

Then, they heard Boss Wang shout exaggeratedly, “Thats awesome! Young man, youre really amazing!”

Only then did they see that in the raw stone Feng Cheng had used his dagger to gently rub, a hint of jade green had already slowly appeared.

It was sparkling and translucent.

The color made one feel relaxed and happy.

In other words, Feng Cheng found jade in this broken piece of stone

And it was top-quality goods!

Boss Wang shouted excitedly, “This is a top-quality breed.

This color, this quality, tsk tsk…”

‘The bystanders who had already dispersed gradually gathered around again after hearing what Boss Wang said.

“This guy really got something!”

“Young people are indeed lucky!”

“Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers.

Young people have more courage and luck than old people like us!”

Feng Cheng only lowered his head and continued to rub gently without saying a word..

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