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Chapter 77: Chapter 77 Ill Be on Your Side

In the interview.

Since Su Bei was just a substitute, she attracted a lot of attention.

“Su Bei, why did you show up on the stage instead of Su Huixian She was the one on the list, right” The reporters were all curious.

Su Bei smiled and replied, “Really I havent seen the list yet.

I dont actually know much about it, and I think its inappropriate for me to express my opinion.”

Of course, she knew the reason.

But she didnt bother to reveal any details to them.

But her answer would surely cause a stir on the Internet, and all doubts would be directed at Su Huixian.

Sure enough, her answer was on the hot searches.

After all, it was Su Huixians name that had appeared on all the promotions and lists that day.

On Weibo, Qian Yu Entertainment Companys, Qiu Minxuans, and Su Huixians accounts had all showed their support for Su Huixian.

Consequently, lots of people were talking about why Su Beis name wasnt on the list, but she was the one who showed up on the stage.

For a while, everyone was scolding Su Huixian for trying to steal the spotlight, and for creating an illusion that she was going to be on the stage to attract fans.

But the reality slapped her in the face.

Being mocked, she couldnt get the chance to save her reputation.

Just when she was being ridiculed so badly, Qiu Minxuan posted on Weibo, “We have identified the person who made Huixian unable to take part in the show.

And we have already reported this matter to the police.

So now, we are waiting for that person to be brought to justice.”

Su Huixian also posted on Weibo, “To all my fans, Im so sorry.

I wasnt able to go on the stage because someone drugged me.

Sorry for disappointing all of you.

But now that the police have started their investigation, I believe they will give me and every one an explanation soon.”

For a moment, their posts made everyone speculate.

Was it really Su Huixian who should perform on the stage

But it was Su Bei who got first place in the second-round test.

It was only justifiable for her to be on Orisa Fashion Show.

She couldnt really drug Su Huixian, could she

Su Huixians and Su Beis names quickly went viral on Weibo.

Many people were discussing what had happened tonight.

However, after watching the video of Su Beis performance, everyone was attracted by her.

She was so radiant that many people who hadnt watched the show live couldnt help but repeatedly watch the one-minute clip that she appeared.

After Su Beis interview, Lu Heting called her.

“Ill wait for you at the gate of the venue,” he said in a low and mellow voice.

“Maybe the police will also come with me,” she replied in a low voice.

Lu Heting was silent for a moment.

Su Bei laughed and said, “Why dont you go home first Im worried about Gun Gun.”

“Aunt Chen is there to take care of him.

Ill wait for you.”

When Su Bei was about to hang up, Lu Heting said, “No matter what happens, Ill be on your side.”

Such words sent warmth to her heart.

She hung up the phone and walked out of the venue.

Lu Heting really waited for her in the corner at the gate.

She walked over to him briskly.

With his promise, she felt that she didnt need to be afraid no matter what happened.

“Su Bei.” Lu Heting reached out his hand and took hers.

Caught by his big hand, Su Bei grinned.

She guessed it right.

Several policemen approached her and asked, “Are you Su Bei”

“Yes, its me.”

“Someone called us and reported that you drugged someone, so you have to come with us for investigation.”

“Okay,” Su Bei said with a relaxed smile.

She already knew this would happen.

Lu Heting took two steps forward and said, “Im going with you.”


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