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Chapter 769: Dont Be So Wishy-washy

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Feng Cheng was like a shy girl just now, but now he had a confident glow on him.

The last time Su Bei saw him like this was when he was repairing the crack on Jia Shiyuns jade.

After parking the car, Su Bei and Lin Wenyu walked forward hand in hand.

Feng Cheng quickly followed.

‘There were countless stalls in the entire trading center.

Each stall displayed all sorts of raw materials, and many people were crowding around to watch.

Because the center didnt open for a long time every year, every time it opened, it would be packed.

Everyone wanted to come here to search for gold.

Most of the people present were of a certain age.

There were very few young people like Su Bei and the rest.

‘When they saw the intimate looks that Su Bei and Lin Wenyu exchanged, many people couldnt help but laugh softly.

Clearly, they looked down on gay youths like them.

Lin Wenyu followed beside Su Bei and looked at the unassuming piles of stones in front of her.

Seeing the price on them, she couldnt help but say, “This piece costs hundreds of thousands Thats too much!”

“Its not a lot at all.

You havent seen everything yet.

Some of the prices here are even more exaggerated,” Su Bei said softly.

“Have you been here before”

“Tve been here with other friends, but I didnt buy anything,” Su Bei said.

Today, they would probably have to rely on Feng Cheng.

Feng Cheng followed behind them.

His eyes were filled with light, and his expression was solemn as he observed everything very seriously.

Su Bei said to him, “We have 200,000 yuan.

Since well be relying on you, you can buy whatever you want.

If it doesnt result in anything, then forget it.

If you get something, then the three of us will split it equally.

Any objections to that, Wenyu”

“Thave no objections.” Lin Wenyu nodded.

Su Bei did not think about what good things she could buy here.

She just hoped they could repair Lin Wenyus bracelet.

Feng Cheng shook his head vigorously to express his disagreement.

Su Bei looked down at her phone.

The message said: [Even if I get something, I dont want it.

I didnt pay for it.]

“But were counting on you for this,” Su Bei said, “Just treat it as my and Wenyus investment in you.”

“Yes, treat it as our investment.” Lin Wenyu was also very straightforward.

[But I still owe you a lot…] Feng Cheng typed again.

Before he could finish, Su Bei interrupted him.

“Dont be so wishy-washy.”

Feng Chengs face turned red and he could only agree to do as Su Bei said.

The three of them walked around to look at various stalls.

However, it was obvious that they couldnt even buy the smallest piece with 200,000 yuan.

Su Bei couldnt afford to pay for it in private as she was afraid of hurting Lin Wenyus pride.

Furthermore, buying stones was too risky so she couldnt spend

too much either.

Feng Cheng looked at every stone piece by piece.

From his eyes, it could be seen that he was very professional.

$u Bei recalled his previous craftsmanship and abilities.

She believed that he could get the materials to repair the bracelet.

However… Before a stone was opened, even scientists with the most advanced instruments could not verify what was inside, How could a humans naked eye completely see through the stones

If there was really a way to see what was inside the stone, it wouldnt be called stone gambling.

Su Bei tilted her head and said to Lin Wenyu, “If we see small stones that are cheap, we can buy them for fun and use them as decorations.”

“Okay, that sounds like a plan.” Lin Wenyu had fallen in love with Su Bei at first sight, so she had no objections to what she said..

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