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Chapter 767: Found It Very Interesting

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Su Bei asked Feng Cheng and didnt expect Feng Cheng to be very interested.

He sent a few exclamation marks in succession.

{Ill definitely go!!!]

He was so agitated that those who did not know would think that he was scolding someone.

The next day, Lin Wenyu came to look for Su Bei.

Su Bei came down with a bag of clothes and stuffed it into the car.

“Take off your clothes.”

“What do you want to do” Lin Wenyus face tured red as if she had heard something incredible.

“Didnt you say were going to see the raw materials I heard that the scene can be quite chaotic.

Its obviously inconvenient for women like us to go,” Su Bei said.

“Since its inconvenient, well change into male outfits.”

Lin Wenyu realized that she was wrong, She thought

However, the blush on her face did not subside because she realized that she liked Su Bei.

She did not reject or was against any intimate contact with her.

Wait, what was she thinking

$u Bei handed the clothes to her and said, “I dont really know your size, so I can only roughly estimate it.

I got you some male clothes from the crew.

Try them first.”

“Okay.” Lin Wenyu took it.

She was a little flustered because she hadnt worn it before.

She turned around to look at Su Bei.

She had changed quickly.

After putting on a wig, she looked exactly like a young and handsome man.

Lin Wenyus face was slightly red as if she had seen this appearance somewhere before.

Finally, she was enlightened.

“Did you shoot a game commercial before Are you the one called Lu Bei”

“Yeah, you can tell”

“So you were the one who played the role in that commercial! I was wondering why there was no news of Lu Bei in the entertainment industry.

So it tums out to be you.”

“Yes, its me.” Su Bei reached out to help her button up her shirt.

“Its almost done.

When you put on your hat, youll be able to pass off as a guy.”

Lin Wenyu was the daughter of a rich family.

She usually followed the family rules strictly.

She had always followed all kinds of rules.

She found todays events especially interesting, She was so excited that her face was red.

She followed Su Bei and asked, “Where are we going now”

“I got my manager to rent a car for me.

After picking up my friend, Ill go to the place you mentioned.”

Lin Wenyu found it even more interesting and quickly followed.

After getting the car, Su Bei sent Feng Cheng a WeChat message.

After Feng Cheng received it, he went downstairs and couldnt find Su Bei for a long time.

“Hey, over here!” Su Bei waved her hand and called out to Feng Cheng.

Feng Cheng opened his mouth in surprise and walked over.

When he saw that it was really Su Bei, he got into the car.

After he got into the car, he did not say anything and kept his mouth shut.

He acted like a girl.

“So, where are we going today” Su Bei asked.

Lin Wenyu said, “I asked a friend to ask around.

In a raw stone trading center in the suburbs of the capital, we can buy good jade there to help my mother repair her jade bracelet.

But I dont know how to buy it or how to do it.”

“Ive been there with a friend, but Im not too familiar with this either.” Su Bei recalled that she had previously followed Feng Ze to this raw stone trading center.

However, she did not participate in it, so they would have to rely on Feng Cheng this time.

Feng Cheng lowered his head and typed on his phone.

After a while, Su Bei received a WeChat message from him.

“Wenyu, help me read it.” Su Bei was driving, so she handed her phone to Lin Wenyu..

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