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Chapter 766: Never

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Old Master Tang sighed in his heart.

With such a brain, how could Lu Heting be an ordinary person

Du Guoshou and Ou Huanweis expressions were a little ugly.

Tang Yues was even uglier.

How despicable! They were actually taken advantage of by such a shabby guy.

Su Bei held Lu Hetings hand even tighter.

It would be a lie to say that she was not nervous just now.

Now, she still felt a lingering fear.

Not wanting to stay any longer, Su Bei bade farewell to everyone and left with Lu Heting.

The elders were still in disbelief.

Su Bei and Lu Heting walked out and turned around.

With a kabedon movement, she trapped Lu Heting between the wall and her arm.

But damn it, Su Bei was already so tall yet she was still a head shorter than him.

Her kabedon action immediately lost its imposing manner and only had a cool appearance.

When Lu Heting saw these actions, he just found her adorable.

He looked down and smiled gently at the womans face.

“Next time, youre not allowed to use me as a bet! Do you know how scared I was just now Although I know my husband is omnipotent, theres always a chance…”

Lu Heting pressed her head against his chest.

“How can I bear to use you as a bet I was betting on myself.”

“You cant do that either! If you cant see me anymore, whats the difference between that and me not being able to see you” Su Bei refused to give up.

“Anyway, I wont allow it next time!”

“Mm, no more,” Lu Heting said obediently.

“Youre not allowed to say anything like that.

Youre not allowed to leave me, youre not allowed to not see me, youre not allowed to…” Su Bei said a long string of words in one breath.

The overwhelming sense of insecurity in her heart just now made her want to vent.

Lu Heting nodded seriously and said lovingly, “Okay, okay.

I wont…”

Su Bei went on her tiptoes and kissed his lips, sealing these words between their lips.

Lu Heting hugged the woman in satisfaction.

How could he bear to leave her

With her around, his whole world was different.

‘When Lin Wenyu asked Su Bei to repair the jade bracelet, Su Bei sent a photo of it to Feng Cheng and almost forgot about it.

But one day, Feng Cheng replied: [Su Bei, the bracelet you mentioned should be able to be repaired, but it needs some raw materials.]

“What do you need Ill send it over.”

“We need the same or similar raw materials as the jade bracelet.”

This was difficult for Su Bei.

Where could she get these things

She immediately asked Lin Wenyu.

[I need to see if I have it,” Lin Wenyu said.

“Su Bei, Ive really troubled you.

This bracelet means a lot to my mother.

She thought for a long time about repairing it, but she couldnt find anyone.

If you can really repair it, I wonder how happy shell be.]

{1 might not be able to help you.

Dont thank me yet.]

After Lin Wenyu searched around, she told Su Bei: {Im really sorry.

I cant find any similar raw materials.

However, I heard that someone recently got a batch of raw jade in the capital.

I want to go there to take a look.

Su Bei, can you and your friend accompany me there Please.]

[Alright, Ill go with you since Im resting tomorrow.

But Ill have to ask my friend if he can go.]

Lin Wenyu sent a smiley face..

[Thats great! Thank you!]

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