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Chapter 760: If I May Be So Bold

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They really couldnt figure out what went wrong.

The Tang family had suddenly turned the tables.

This was a matter that had been set in stone.

But it had suddenly become like this… However, how could businessmen like them compare to the leaders of the upper echelons The Ou family was unhappy, but they couldnt question the other partys decision.

So, they were forced to leave.

The leader chatted happily with Old Master Tang with a smile.

“Old Master Tang, this project belongs to the Tang family.

I know the Tang family has invested a lot of time, manpower, and money for this project.

No matter what, we cant let companies like yours suffer a blow.

Dont worry, well do what we

need to do.”

Old Master Tang was filled with doubts, but he couldnt say a word.

That leaders gaze swept over Old Master Tangs tie a few times.

The moment Chief Liang closed the door earlier, he had seen the tie clip on Old Master Tangs tie.

The style and design were definitely unique.

It must have been given to him by the person in charge of Lu Corporation.

The high-ranking leader had also seen similar items in a higher-level meeting.

There was a logo and a code name on the tie clip.

A person who could have such a tie clip definitely had a close relationship with the mysterious person in charge.

Hence, he didnt dare to neglect Old Master Tang.

He immediately asked someone to invite him over and make arrangements.

“Old Master, if I may be so bold, this tie clip…” the senior executive pretended to ask casually.

Old Master Tangs suspicions were dispelled.

He had spotted the leader staring at his tie clip, but he never understood what it meant.

As soon as the leader asked, Old Master Tang quickly understood.

“This is a gift from a friend that my child brought home,” Old Master Tang replied honestly.

The mans expression turned even brighter.

This confirmed Old Master Tangs guess that the man was willing to meet him and treat him with respect because of the tie clip.

This tie clip was personally delivered by Su Bei.

She had told him herself that it was from Lu Heting.

So, Lu Hetings identity… Old Master Tang didnt dare to make any wild guesses, but this leaders intentions were clear.

From the moment they first met until now when the leader decided to give them back the project, the other partys drastic change in attitude could only be explained by Lu Heting.

The leader laughed.

“Old Master Tang, youre so lucky.

Every child is so promising.

Old Master Tang, please bring over the approval letter.

Its good that we met each other today.

Well settle it today.”

For the sake of Lu Corporation, he must handle the Tang familys matters well.

Old Master Tang was overjoyed and immediately asked his assistant to get it.

Soon, the matter was settled.

The leader personally escorted Old Master Tang back to the private room.

Grandpa Tang came back.

Tang Jianming and the others looked at him happily.

“Dad, is everything settled”

“Its settled.

Everything went smoothly.” As Old Master Tang said this, he looked at Lu Heting seriously.

It was obvious that the young man sitting next to Su Bei had an unfathomable identity that could affect the entire Tang Corporation!

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