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Chapter 759: That Look

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From the looks of it, the decline of this large family had already begun.

Du Guoshou had to consider whether he should let his son continue to date someone from the Tang family.

“Old Master, why dont we go back first If this opportunity doesnt work out, therell be another opportunity,” Du Guoshou said.

Old Master Tang and Du Guoshou left together.

After returning to the private room, everyone saw Old Master Tangs expression and knew that things werent going well.

‘Tang Yues expression was also a little ugly.

This project was bound to be profitable, so the Tang family had invested all their efforts into it.

It was just that they didnt expect the Ou family to be so formidable.

They intercepted them halfway and caught the Tang family off guard.

After tonight, everything would be settled.

There was another round of awkward silence in the room.

At this time, there was an unusually heavy atmosphere.

Su Bei wanted to comfort her grandfather but did not know where to start.

No one was in the mood to eat, but no one could say that they would leave.

Just as they were in a deadlock, an assistant rushed in and said to Old Master Tang, “Old Master Tang, the high-ranking leader in Chief Liangs private room said he wants to see you! His attitude is quite good!”

“Really!” Everyone was overjoyed.

“Then why arent we leaving yet” Old Master Tang immediately stood up.

For a moment, hope returned to everyone, and everyone was happy again.

This was a very good signal.

As long as the other party was willing to meet, it meant that they were halfway to success.

The man only invited Old Master Tang, so the others didnt follow him.

The assistant returned after a while.

‘Tang Yue hurriedly asked, “Hows the situation”

“I dont know exactly what happened, but the leader in the room is even more influential than Chief Liang.

When he saw Old Master Tang, he was very respectful.

It looks like the matter will be settled soon,” the assistant said.

He had always been calm and steady.

Since he said that, everyone was relieved.

Lin Shulian said, “This is all thanks to Brother Du.

If Brother Du hadnt found out that Chief Liang was eating here, Im afraid there wouldnt have been such a turn of events.”

“Thats right.

Uncle is really amazing,” Tang Yue said with a smile.

‘Tang Jianming said to his assistant, “Go now.

Get more information.”

In the private room, the heavy atmosphere dissipated and everyone raised their glasses to toast Du Guoshou.

Ou Huanwei was also very happy.

Now, their relationship with the Tang family was stable again.


‘As soon as Old Master Tang entered the private room, he received a lot of attention.

‘The leader, who was even more high-ranking than Chief Liang, had treated him with respect and politeness, indicating that everything was negotiable.

Old Master Tang was really surprised.

The other partys attitude was too obvious.

Just now, when Chief Liang closed the door, he remembered that when this leader had looked at him, his expression was not really friendly.

However, this attitudea€}

No matter what, Old Master Tang would seize this opportunity.

Hence, he didnt probe further and buried his doubts deep in his heart.

In fact, this high-ranking leader had even asked the Ou family to leave.

The Ou family had left unwillingly, and their faces had tumed pale.

This was because it had already been decided that the project for that piece of land on the west side of the city would be given to them, It was supposed to be finalized


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