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Chapter 756: This Troublesome Matter

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The Du couples intentions couldnt be more obvious.

They wanted to talk about topics that Lu Heting wouldnt know anything about.

They wanted to show how incapable and incompetent he was.

$u Bei tightly held his hand and gave him a few fruits.

She slightly regretted bringing him here and being looked down upon.

However, seeing his calm and relaxed expression, Su Bei felt relieved.

This was the good thing about her man.

No matter where he was, he would not feel inferior because of others opinions.

He had always been open and magnanimous.


She whispered something to Lu Heting, who responded in a soft voice.

For a moment, it was not the others who were isolating them but the harmonious couple crowding everyone else out.

As they were talking, Old Master Tangs assistant walked over and whispered into his ear.

Old Master Tang spoke a few words with his assistant.

The assistant shook his head and looked troubled.

It seemed that Tang Corporation was in trouble.

Seeing the deep frown on Grandfather Tangs face, Tang Yue asked, “Grandpa, what happened”

“Sigh, were having a family dinner today.

Lets not talk about work.” Old Master Tang laughed.

Du Guoshou took over the conversation with a smile.

“Old Master, since this is a family dinner, theres no harm in bringing up the companys matters.

Anyway, I still need your advice on my work.”

Ou Huanwei chimed in, “Thats right.

The Tang family is in trouble, so we should share some of the burdens, whether its business or family business.

Isnt that human nature If its convenient for you, Grandpa, please tell us.

We can come up with ideas with more people around.

Since Jinghao is also here, let

him get some training with us.”

Old Master Tang then said, “Do you still remember the incident with the land on the west side of the city We had already discussed it and were about to start construction, but its a pity that we cant proceed now.

Ive made countless calls over the past few days and tried everything I could think of, but no.

matter what, I still cant get it done.”

Even Old Master Tang said that.

It was obvious how difficult this was.

“That would be a huge loss.

The initial investment, the design plan, and the money spent in all aspects are innumerable.

Moreover, the west side of the city has been the most important project in Tang Corporation in the past three years.

If something goes wrong, the consequences would be unimaginable..”

Du Guoshou could not help but say.

Old Master Tang nodded, “Thats right.

But the Ou family suddenly made a move to steal this slice of cake.

The higher-ups have agreed to it, but they havent made the final decision yet.

I think this situation is a little tricky.

Im afraid that theyll make the decision tonight.”

Tang Yue chimed in,Its precisely because of this matter that Grandpa has returned to manage the company.

But things have been undecided.

Grandpa hasnt been eating or sleeping well these past few days.

“[ thought that we could have a good meal here today, but who knew that Grandpa would encounter such a troublesome matter.”

This was not the only thing that bothered her.

She glanced at Lu Heting, probably also referring to Su Bei bringing Lu Heting here.

$u Bei did not understand these things and did not reply.

She just stopped talking to Lu Heting.

Moreover, even Old Master Tang had come out to handle this matter personally.

This matter was really important.

It might affect the entire Tang Corporation…

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