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Chapter 751: Everything Should Have Belonged To Her

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“Lu Heting, how can you be like this Youre scamming me.” Su Bei looked at the Coke with dissatisfaction.

This bottle of Coke was half the size of the one she gave him.” Its even warm.

Warm coke doesnt taste as good, dont you know that”

Before she could finish her sentence, Lu Heting kissed her and poured a mouthful of cold Coke into her mouth.

“Il give you some to satisfy your cravings.”

Su Beis face blushed with some heat.

Lu Heting looked at the obedient girl and said in a low voice, “You forgot about your stomach ache, huh”

Everything else about Su Bei was good except for her stomach.

The root of her illness when she was young had yet to be dealt with.

Lu Heting didnt know about it before, so he let her eat ice cream and drink Coke.

But now, he couldnt.

“Alright, then let me be a soulless Su Bei!” Su Bei tugged at her long hair and opened her Coke.

The man started the car seriously and drove forward with a smile.

Su Bei sipped on the warm Coke and complained, but her heart was so warm.

‘When they were halfway there, Su Bei felt that someone was following their car.

“Lu Heting, can you feel it” Su Bei asked nervously.

She didnt want the paparazzi to take photos of Lu Heting and bring trouble to his peaceful life.

“sit tight,” the man said, his voice steady.

Obviously, Lu Heting had noticed it before her, so the car kept accelerating to deliberately leave the person behind.

$u Bei suddenly said, “That car behind seems to be Tang Yues What is she doing Dont drive so fast.

Slow down, I want to see what shes doing.”

Lu Heting slowed down.

In the car behind them were Tang Yue and Du Jinghao.

Du Guoshou and Ou Huanwei had accompanied Du Jinghao to the Tang Family home tonight to talk about the blind date.

Old Master Tang was overjoyed.

After dinner, he asked Tang Yue to send Du Jinghao home, even though Du Jinghao drove his own car.

Tang Yue could tell that Du Jinghao was in low spirits the entire night because Su Bei was not around.

Su Bei, Su Bei! Everyone missed Su Bei and treated Su Bei as a treasure.

Tang Yue might not like Du Jinghao very much, but it was precisely because he liked Su Bei that she followed Old Master Tangs request to send Du Jinghao back.

Everything that belonged to Su Bei belonged to her!

Coincidentally, Tang Yue saw Su Beis car and saw a man driving it.

“It looks like Su Bei.

I wonder if shes in trouble.

Lets follow her and take a look,” Tang Yue suggested.

Hence, Du Jinghao drove the car and followed closely behind Lu Hetings car.

Tang Yue pretended to sigh.

“The entertainment industry is always complicated.

Im afraid that Su Bei wont be able to handle it.

Im also afraid that shell go astray…”

Du Jinghao held the steering wheel tightly with both hands and followed the car without a word.

At this moment, Lu Heting had already recognized that the car belonged to Du Jinghao.

Du Jinghao himself was not worthy of Lu Hetings attention, but Lu Heting knew everything about anyone who wanted to get close to Su Bei.

Du Jinghao was honored to be placed at the bottom of the list.

“Dont worry, its Tang Yue and Du Jinghao,” Lu Heting slowed down his car and said calmly to Su Bei.

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