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Chapter 750: Here, Drink This

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Director Guo Feng saw that his attitude became more respectful and couldnt help but mutter to himself.

This was really a weird person.

He was still cold just a moment ago, but now he knew how to smile.

“Be good to Su Bei.” Director Guo Feng reminded him again.

When filming officially started, Lin Yu and Su Bei acted in the first few scenes.

In the first part, Lin Yu and Su Bei performed very well.

After completing this part, Lu Heting, who had changed into the same clothes as Lin Yu, appeared.

His body was actually more muscular than Lin Yus, and the edges of his facial features were sharper.

Luckily, he was lying down in Su Beis arms.

His face was covered in wounds and blood, so the difference was not obvious.

Moreover, the close-up shot was mainly focused on Su Bei, showing the change in Su Beis emotions.

There wasnt a big problem to have a substitute in this scene.

Su Bei lowered her head and looked at Lu Heting.

The emotions in her eyes were even more intense and fervent, and her attitude became even more determined.

It looked as though if someone really dared to touch Lu Heting, she would personally kill anyone who dared to hurt him.

Hence, when she said her line, she became even more imposing and restrained.

“Alright, Ill protect you from now on!”

Su Bei looked at Director Guo Feng strangely.

What was wrong with Director Guo Feng

Why was everyone acting weird today

She changed into a fresh set of clothes and followed behind Lu Heting.

She opened the bottle of Coke in her hand.

“Tm thirsty,” Lu Heting said softly.

Su Bei glanced at the surroundings.

It was indeed very hot here, not to mention that she had just filmed a fighting scene.

She quickly stuffed the bottle of Coke into his hand and said, “Here, drink this.”

Lu Heting took the Coke but didnt drink it immediately.

Instead, he stuffed her into the car.

“Wait for me for a moment.”

“Sure.” Su Bei got into the car and listened to music leisurely.

Amoment later, Lu Heting returned with a small bottle of Coke.

He handed it to Su Bei.

“This is for you..”

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