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Chapter 748: The Greatest Humiliation Of His Career

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This was too scary.

Was Boss back

But according to reliable sources, Boss had not returned!

What was going on

19 times, 19 takes!

This was definitely the greatest humiliation that Lin Yu had ever encountered in his career!

Where did that gaze come from Lin Yu immediately looked around.

Wherever his gaze landed, a group of women screamed.

It could not be helped.

Lin Yus gaze was filled with so much love and affection.

He was looking for someone but was seen by the fangirls.

He was the one flirting with him!

What was happening!

When he saw Su Bei resting at the side, he reached out and handed her the bottle of Coke.

“Su Bei, this is for you.”

“Wow!” There were screams all around again.

This time, it was from Lin Yu and Su Beis shippers.

Su Bei reached out to take it.

At that moment, Lin Yu felt the cold gaze from before once more.

It seemed to stab him.

He turned around with a start.

Finally, Lin Yu saw someone and jumped, flipping the bottle of Coke he had just opened!

“Lin Yu, whats wrong” His manager, Sister Ai, quickly asked.

Su Bei also looked confused.

“Its fine, its fine.

Wait for me for a while, Ill go out for a moment.” Lin Yu hurriedly ran out and finally caught up with Lu Heting.

“Lu Heting, wait!” Lin Yu walked over and stopped him.

Lu Heting looked as if he hadnt done anything at all.

His expression was just like Da Baos.

Lin Yu snorted.

“Dont think that I dont know what youve done just because youre acting as though nothing happened.

Im all too familiar with you.

Let me tell you, Da Bao is exactly like you!”

“So” Lu Heting looked at him impolitely.

“So what if youre visiting Cant you just do it openly Why do you have to stare at me with murderous eyes Can you restrain yourself a little” Lin Yu finally found the source of the sharp gaze.

Lu Heting was exposed by him and coughed lightly.

He rarely came to visit, but when he saw that Su Bei had a kissing scene today, he couldnt help but come over.

However, as he was afraid of affecting Su Bei, he did not appear directly and only watched from afar.

He really didnt do anything, but even so, Lin Yu could still feel his terrifying cold aura!

It was this gaze that made him retake the same scene 19 times in a row! It was the greatest humiliation of his career!

“Tm being magnanimous and open,” Lu Heting said calmly.

Apart from not notifying Su Bei, he was not really hiding.

Lin Yu harrumphed.

“You made me retake the scene 19 times!”

“Is that so” Lu Heting looked at him indifferently.

His tone seemed to say that he needed more practice.

“Dont burden Bei Bei.

Dont let her tire herself out.”

Lin Yu was about to explode.

Who was the burden It was clearly Lu Heting who was dragging Su Bei down, okay

When he didnt come to visit, he could perform well and would have no issues acting with Su Bei!

“Are you leaving yet” Lin Yu wanted to send this god away immediately.

Lu Heting nodded.

“When Bei Bei is done, Ill take her with me.”

“II!” Lin Yu had a premonition that he would have to reshoot 19 more times.

Under Lu Hetings gaze, there was no way he could calmly let Su Bei kiss him..

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