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Chapter 744: Complete Failure

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Su Bei had asked her if she had taken a photo of the original jade and left after

confirming it.

Now, it came in handy.

Everyone carefully compared it and found the original small crack.

It was

indeed the same piece of jade.

Su Bei smiled and said, “Miss Jia, I said that Id help you fix your jade and I did

Do you have any objections now

When Jia Shiyun saw that Su Bei had indeed fixed it, she could only smile in

front of everyone and say, “It has already been fixed.

Of course, I have no


Su Bei smiled and looked at Tang Yue.

“So Sister, you dont have to help me

compensate Miss jia with a new piece of jade.

Ive said before that Ill take

responsibility for my own matters.”

Everyone nodded at Su Bei, their attitudes toward her greatly changing

Tang Yues heart was filled with panic.

Su Bei had already repaired Jia Shiyuns


She couldnt rush to give the other piece of jade to Jia Shiyun now.

Jia Shiyun also wore a smile on her face.

She was furious, but she had no choice

but to maintain her smile.

Tian Jinnuo unhappily said, “Miss Su, youre really not magnanimous enough.

There were clearly two cracks on this jade.

You can repair it if you want, but

you only repaired one crack.

Arent you clearly showing your dissatisfaction

with Shiyun”

With her reminder, everyone looked at Su Bei.

Su Bei smiled and said, “Now that youve reminded me, I remember.

Just now, I

was only focused on fixing the crack that we caused.

I also wanted to make sure

that we could compare it to the photo of the original state it was in after fixing

it, soI didnt think too much about it.

Im really sorry.

You guys should have

told me earlier and I would have gotten my friend to fix both cracks.

Now that

hes gone, Im really sorry.”

Her words made sense, and everyone agreed.

Tian Jinnuo could only swallow her anger.

Jia Shiyun smiled and pleaded, “How about I see your friend another day and

ask him to help me fix the other crack”

Tian Jinnuo passed the jade necklace over, wanting Su Bei to keep it and repair


“Then lets talk about it another day when we meet him.

Miss Jia, this jade

necklace is so precious.

Its unique in the world, and its also a gift from Di Xing

Media to you.

I dont dare to keep it with me.

Im afraid that if I accidentally

crack it, itll have to be repaired again.

This time, it was able to be repaired, but

I cant guarantee that it can be fixed for the second or third time.” Su Bei smiled

and refused to acceptit.

The meaning behind her words could not be clearer.

She was mocking Jia

Shiyun for protecting the jade necklace like it was a treasure yet she still

accidentally cracked it.

She was also mocking ia Shiyun for breaking the jade

after being knocked into by someone.

Everyone smiled knowingly.

Jia Shiyun instantly lost all dignity.

Tian Jinnuo had no choice but to retract her

hand and take back the necklace.

“Forget it, its not like your friend is the only

one who can repair it.”

“Lets go.”Jia Shiyun glared at her.

Wasnt this embarrassing enough

Jia Shiyun and the rest left unwillingly.

Although Situ Songhui, whom Tang

Yue had brought over to show off, wasnt ridiculed by the crowd, he was still

humiliated by Su Beis friend.

Tang Yue originally wanted Situ Songhui to be present to introduce antiques to

everyone, but who knew that many people had gathered around Su Bei to ask

about her friend instead.

Tang Yues face darkened.

This fair was a complete failure.

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