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Chapter 739: Determined Not To Compensate

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At that moment, there were all sorts of opinions.

Su Bei glanced at the jade and said, “Then lets see if the owner will sell it.

If everything is okay, Ill pay for it.”

Tang Yue stood at a distance.

Actually, she wanted to give Jia Shiyun the best jade tonight to build a good relationship with her.

However, seeing the current situation, she did not want to give it away anymore.

She couldnt be bothered to take responsibility for Su Bei.

Su Bei glanced at the staff present and asked, “Excuse me, how much is this jade Can I buy it now”

The salesperson smiled and said, “You really have good taste.

This piece of jade has very good color.

Although the price isnt very high, its very elegant and enough to match Miss Jias identity.

If Miss Jia wears this, itll be extremely suitable…”

Before she could finish speaking, she heard the voice of Tang Yues assistant in her earpiece.

“This piece of jade has already been reserved for someone else, so we wont be selling any jade tonight.”

The salesperson was obviously stunned for a moment.

According to Tang Yues arrangement, the items being displayed during the fair could be sold to the public.

Now, they were saying that the jade pieces were not for sale

She had no choice.

Even if she wanted to sell it, she had to follow the wishes of the companys higher-ups.

She changed the topic and said, “But Im really sorry.

Someone has already reserved this jade.

It cant be sold anymore.”

Su Bei asked, “What about the rest Is there anything else that you like, Miss Jia”

Jia Shiyun didnt like this one million yuan piece at all.

Just as she was about to look at something else, the salesperson smiled and said, “Im sorry, but all the jade at the scene has already been reserved, so theyre not for sale.”

Jia Shiyuns good mood was instantly dampened.

However, she had no choice but to smile in front of everyone.

Tian Jinnuo couldnt help but ask, “Does this mean that all the jade here cant be bought Does this mean that Su Bei doesnt have to compensate our Shiyun”

The onlookers understood the meaning behind her words.

Among the crowd, there was a staff member from Jia Shiyuns team.

He immediately fanned the flames and said, “The Tang family doesnt want Su Bei to compensate anyone, so they wont sell the jade tonight”

“Su Bei is determined not to compensate, huh I really didnt expect Su Bei to avoid paying compensation.

I thought she was really loyal and wanted to help her friend compensate.”

With the help of Jia Shiyuns staff, everyone couldnt help but look at Su Bei as if she was colluding with the Tang family to avoid paying compensation.

Jia Shiyun smiled magnanimously and said, “Since the things here have already been reserved, then lets just forget about it.

Miss Su, just take it as a kind gesture from me.

It doesnt matter anymore.

Everyone, dont be too hard on her.

Miss Su, friendship grows from a fight.

Just consider us as friends from now on.”

Tian Jinnuo said loudly, “Shiyun has always been magnanimous.

Shes willing to let others take advantage of her.

Youre just too kind.”

Jia Jia couldnt help but agree.

“The reason why Sister Shiyun became famous is that she has these qualities.”

Everyone nodded.

The contrast between Su Bei and Jia Shiyun was too stark.

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Lin Moli pulled Su Beis sleeve.

These people were obviously targeting Su Bei.

She didnt know what the newspapers would say tomorrow.

Su Bei indicated that she did not need to be impatient.

Could she not see through this little trick

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