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Jia Shiyun didnt want to be nosy, so she said, “Jinnuo, forget it.

Dont argue.”

“Y-Youre Jia Shiyun” Lin Moli recognized her and couldnt help but exclaim in surprise, “Ive seen the movie you acted in.

Its not bad.

I really didnt expect to see you here.”

“Shiyun, youre too magnanimous.

Fortunately, you were fine after getting bumped into.

Otherwise, the consequences would have been dire,” Tian Jinnuo said.

The group of people ignored Lin Moli.

However, just as Jia Shiyun took a step forward, the jade necklace around her neck fell to the floor.

Jia Jia knew how important this necklace was to Jia Shiyun, so she hurriedly reached out to pick it up.

Her expression changed drastically as she said, “Sis, theres a crack on it.”

Tian Jinnuo quickly took it and looked at it.

It was indeed a very big crack.

Her expression also changed.

“Shiyun, what should we do”

Jia Shiyun snatched it over and took a look at it.

Apart from the crack that she had caused herself, there was now another long and thin crack, causing this piece of jade to instantly become flawed.

If the small crack from before wasnt enough to affect her, then this one was enough to make Jia Shiyuns heart ache.

Tian Jinnuo pointed at Lin Moli and said, “Youre too much! How could you knock down Shiyuns jade necklace This jade necklace is a gift from Di Xing Media to Shiyun, and its something that she has always cherished.

Those who are familiar with her know that she has always been wearing this necklace.

But look at it now, its in such a state.

How can she still wear it”

Jia Jia added, “Thats right.

If it were another necklace, it would be fine.

Sister Shiyun is magnanimous and might not want you to compensate her.

However, this necklace is very important to her.

Its also her lucky charm.

Now that its been badly damaged, youll definitely have to compensate her.”

Lin Moli panicked.

“I didnt…”

She was sure that she only bumped into Jia Shiyun.

She didnt deliberately touch her necklace.

“You clearly did it, yet you still want to quibble Although Shiyun is a public figure and wont be calculative with ordinary people like you, youre the one who made a mistake.

Do you think youre going to get away with it just because Jia Shiyun is a public figure” Tian Jinnuo said angrily.

The people around her also gathered around and agreed with Tian Jinnuo.

“No matter who it is, one has to bear the responsibility for their mistake.

Jia Shiyun is already being very polite.”

“Thats right.

You have to compensate after damaging things.

You cant be indifferent just because of your identity, right”

“Sorry, sorry.” Lin Moli could only apologize.

Su Bei pulled Lin Moli to her side and said, “But just now, the two of you were walking in a hurry and bumped into each other.

My friend really didnt do it on purpose.

We have our responsibilities and we can compensate you, but theres no need to be so aggressive, right”

Only then did Jia Shiyun and Tian Jinnuo realize that the person standing in front of them was Su Bei!

Just now, they were too focused on finding fault with Lin Moli and didnt notice Su Bei at all.

Su Bei was dressed too simply in a sports jacket and jeans.

Her hair was tied up and she looked completely inconspicuous.

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However, when she stepped forward, she was so dazzling and outstanding.

Even with Jia Shiyuns gorgeous attire and full makeup, Su Bei didnt lose out in the slightest.

On the contrary, she looked even more beautiful than Jia Shiyun.

She was that kind of person.

As long as she hid in the crowd, she would look like an ordinary person..

As long as she stood under the light, she would be the focus of everyones attention.

She was a natural actress!

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