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Chapter 736: I Wont Smash Anything, Ill Just Take A Look

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She walked around the venue and realized that Tang Yue was the only one from the Tang family present.

It was probably because her family had all come here yesterday, so they didnt come today.

Tang Yue was accompanying a lady who looked like a noblewoman.

Su Bei did not go up to greet her and merely casually watched her.

The entire exhibition hall covered an area of over a thousand square meters and was filled with all sorts of jewelry, jade, and antiques.

Su Bei was shocked that Tang Yue had such capabilities.

If she really didnt rely on Old Master Tang to hold this fair, she was indeed capable.

The culture of S Country had been around for thousands of years.

There were a lot of precious antiques.

However, real antiques were getting rarer day by day.

Very few people were able to showcase them.

However, Tang Yue had a lot of them.

Suddenly, Su Bei saw a few colorful enamel vases in front of her.

They seemed familiar as if she had seen them somewhere before.

She thought for a while before remembering that she had seen them in Feng Chengs dilapidated house last time.

At that time, Feng Cheng said that those things were all fake and were casually made, so he smashed everything in one go.

Then, what about the things here

Su Bei quickly took a few photos and sent them to Feng Cheng.

Feng Cheng replied quickly: [Theyre fake.]

[Are you serious] Su Bei saw that Tang Yues brochure claimed they were genuine antiques from a certain dynasty.

The first time a warrior was seen by everyone, it was very entertaining.

[Theyre really fake!!] Feng Cheng typed agitatedly.

[Okay, okay, okay.

I got it.] Su Bei did not plan to buy them, and Tang Yue might not want to sell them either.

Feng Cheng sent a few WeChat messages asking Su Bei where she was and where she saw these things.

He said he was coming.

Su Bei replied: [You wont come here to cause trouble, will you Dont.

I cant afford to pay for these things.

If you really have such thoughts, I wont dare to tell you the address.]

Feng Cheng was silent for a while before replying: [I wont smash anything.

Ill just take a look.]

After Feng Cheng promised, Su Bei sent him the address.

“Su Bei, this is really great! Why didnt I know about this yesterday If I had known, I would have come yesterday…” Lin Moli pretended to cry as she clapped.

“If you dont hurry up, you wont be able to finish taking photos today.

Quickly put away your tears.” Su Bei laughed.

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Lin Moli loved photography and was best at capturing still objects.

Hence, this place was like heaven to her.

She excitedly walked forward while Su Bei followed behind her.

Suddenly, Lin Moli accidentally bumped into Jia Shiyun who was walking toward her.

Jia Shiyun was wearing high heels.

She stumbled and almost fell.

Fortunately, Tian Jinnuo and Jia Jia supported her.

Lin Moli was also supported by Su Bei, so she didnt fall.

“Im sorry.

Are you alright” Lin Moli apologized.

Both of them were in a hurry, so they bumped into each other.

Strictly speaking, no one was in the wrong.

Especially since Lin Moli had already apologized first.

However, Tian Jinnuo was fuming.

“How could you have bumped into me Do you know what the consequences are Can you afford to pay the compensation for crashing into someone”

Jia Shiyuns schedule was very packed.

She still had to go on stage tomorrow.

If she had gotten injured, it would definitely affect her performance on stage..

Hence, Tian Jinnuo was very angry.

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