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Chapter 732: Look At Whose Brother I Am

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Seriously! Feng Ze knew Su Bei since so long ago, but Lu Heting had already thrown him out of the game.

Lin Yu really wanted to grab Feng Zes shoulder and ask him what he was doing.

Lin Yu finally sent this person away.

Director Guo Fengs assistant came over and asked Lin Yu to change his clothes.

He gave him a bottle of coke and asked curiously, “Superstar Lin, who was that person just now”

“An investor.

Hes in a hurry to invest in Two Phoenixes.” Lin Yu was speechless at his boss.

He deserved it.

The assistant looked at the investors back and said, “These people need to be quicker on their feet!”

“Pfft!” Ling Yu spat out a mouthful of coke.

“Dont talk if you dont have nice things to say.”

The assistant quickly covered his mouth.

Li Qisheng reported the matter about the previous and new investors intention to invest.

“Did they invest as they hoped to, then” Lu Heting asked without looking up.

“Thats impossible.

Ive rejected all of them! Its just that theres a huge investment company thats very generous.

They said that theyre willing to invest 500 million.

I dont dare to make the decision on my own…” Li Qisheng was frightened by this investment and came to look for Lu Heting.

This finally caught Lu Hetings attention.

He lifted his eyes as a cold glint flashed across his eyes.

The image of the noble and emotionless young man appeared before him.

He was also here to help Su Bei

Unfortunately, it was too late!

“Reject him,” said Lu Heting.

Li Qisheng quickly agreed.

Seeing that Lu Heting had nothing else to say, he quickly retreated.

Lu Heting stopped him.

“How are Han Feng and Rong Xius characters”

“Theyre both good.

They definitely wont cause any trouble for Young Madam.” Li Qisheng patted his chest and guaranteed.

He didnt dare to randomly select the male and female leads.

He did not dare to offend Young Madam

Li Qisheng looked at Lu Heting.

He wanted to say something but hesitated.

However, he didnt dare to ask any more questions and quickly left.

Turning around, he bumped into Lu Weijian.

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“My head! Can you watch where youre going” Lu Weijian covered his head and complained.

Li Qisheng hurriedly apologized.

Upon seeing that it was Lu Weijian, his face turned grim.


Weijian, theres something that only you can help me with!”

“Go ahead.

Someone as capable as me would never refuse to lend a helping hand.” Lu Weijian put on a confident expression.

Li Qisheng knew that what he said just now had worked.

He said, “Of course.


Weijian, youve always been very capable.

You always help us resolve our problems.

Youre like an angel from Lu Group.”

“Of course! Dont you know whose brother I am Hurry up and get down to business.”


Lu and Young Madam have already confirmed their relationship.

How should we deal with Jia Shiyun”

Lu Weijian was taken aback.

“Who is Jia Shiyun”

Li Qisheng couldnt take it anymore.

He patiently said, “Four years ago, you and Mr.

Lu personally instructed me to groom Jia Shiyun and not neglect her.”

Lu Weijian was bewildered.

Li Qisheng suspected that he had met a fake Lu Weijian, so he could only take out his phone and show him the photo.

“Do you remember now, Mr.

Weijian” Li Qisheng began questioning his life..

He had spent four years accumulating all the good resources for Jia Shiyun.

Did he misunderstand the task

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