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Chapter 731: One Step Late For Everything

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“As long as its from you, its the best.” There was a strong tone of happiness in his deep voice.

Su Bei tilted her head and looked at him.

“Then Ill give you an answer.”

She reached out and grasped his hand with her slender fingers.

The matter of Di Xing Media investing in Two Phoenixes made it to the headlines.

As an investor, Di Xing Media did not replace Su Bei and their decision caused a huge sensation.

[Su Bei is really lucky to get an investment from Emperor Star Media.]

[ts not like Di Xing Media is investing in her.

Why are you making things seem better than they are Its obvious that they just want to promote Han Feng and Rong Xiu.]

[No matter how jealous you guys are, Su Bei is safe this time! With Di Xing Media as her backer, as her fan, Im not afraid of leaving comments.]

[Dont worry, dont worry.

I, a Su Bei fan, am prepared to defend my idol!]

The filming location didnt even need to be moved as they could just continue filming there.

With the investment from Di Xing Media, everyone was happy and felt that it was right to follow Director Guo Feng.

“Su Bei, treat me to hotpot tonight.” As Lin Yu ate the spicy sausage, he panted and didnt forget to ask Su Bei about hotpot.

Su Bei went over and pinched his arm.

He looked thin in clothes but she felt his muscles.

“Lin Stone, you are truly a genius!”

To be able to maintain such a good figure while eating like this, Su Bei admired him a lot.

“Its because I eat hotpot.” Lin Yu knocked her head.

“Su Bei!” Director Guo Feng walked toward Su Bei.

“Do you know how many investors have been looking for me today and requesting to invest in our movie along with Di Xing Media And those investors from the past have come too!”

Su Bei smiled.

“Did you agree”

“Of course not!” Director Guo Feng also vented his anger.

“Do they think they can follow Di Xing Media just because they want to!”

Lin Yu looked deeply at Su Bei.

“Thats right.

These people didnt even think about it.

Does Di Xing Media lack that bit of money These people have terrible taste.

No wonder Di Xing Media is at the top while theyll forever be at the bottom.

Im worried for them!”

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Director Guo Feng looked Su Bei up and down.

Although Di Xing Media said that they had their eyes on his script, he still felt that they had their eyes on Su Bei.

Therefore, he was actually still a little worried.

He was afraid that Su Bei would be targeted by the people of the Di Xing Media who would steal her away…

It was such a pity for such a good girl.

Li Qishengs ears burned.

Who was talking about him behind his back

Su Bei went for a casting.

An investor found Lin Yu and almost knelt down to hug his thigh.

“Help me.

Let me invest in this movie.

Otherwise, Ill be beaten to death when I go back.”

“Who asked you to come here” Lin Yu kicked him in disdain.

“Im from Haohan Investment! I rushed here overnight, but its too late.

If I dont invest in Two Phoenixes, Im afraid I wont be able to live past tonight!” The investor was practically crying.

He had no one to look for, so he could only beg everyone.

Lin Yu was his last straw of hope.

Haohan investment Wasnt that Feng Zes company

Lin Yu broke out in a cold sweat for Feng Ze..

Why was he always one step behind Lu Heting in everything He had already sent the news to Feng Ze, but Feng Zes men still came so late.

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