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Chapter 729: Accepted Some Random Lowly Event

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Old Master Tangs words did not comfort Tang Yue at all.

Although the fair was being held for two days and two nights, the opening was already such a failure.

How could they wait until tomorrow

Everyone had already left tonight, so why would anyone come tomorrow night

“Alright, leave it to the staff.

Go home and rest with me.” Old Master Tangs heart ached for his granddaughter.

Tang Yue had no choice but to walk out with Old Master Tang.

When she walked out, she realized that the hall opposite was packed with people.

Security guards had been dispatched to separate the fans outside.

Those fans were all holding fan signs.

Some were Han Fengs fans, some were Rong Xius fans, and some were Su Beis fans.

Tang Yue snorted.


Old Master Tang said with a straight face, “How can you say that Youre one of the higher-ups in the entertainment industry.

You know that celebrities and their works are the spiritual food of their fans.

Its understandable for them to behave like this.

Plus, you have the responsibility to guide them.

Be rational and follow the right path.”

“Yes, Grandpa.

Youre right.” Tang Yue had no choice but to admit her mistake.

Hearing the screams from the fans, Old Master Tang smiled and said, “Su Bei is here too I want to take a look.”

“Ill accompany you,” Tang Yue said.

She wanted to see what Su Bei was doing here! With no investors for Two Phoenixes and Su Bei refusing to return to the runway, her recent life was rumored to be a tragic sight.

The outside world was also filled with curses directed toward her.

If Su Bei appeared here tonight, did it mean that she had accepted some random lowly event

This time, she could show Grandpa what a piece of trash his favorite granddaughter was.

Tang Yue got someone to give her a special passageway.

She entered with Grandfather Tang and stood in the front row.

Unexpectedly, as soon as he stood in place, a rich lady next to her was discussing with another lady, “I really didnt expect Di Xing Media to invest 300 million in Two Phoenixes! Oh my God, this is really Lu Groups style!”

Tang Yue was also surprised.

Lu Groups Di Xing Media!

Two Phoenixes were really lucky.

She quickly asked, “Mrs.

Wang, has the cast for Two Phoenixes changed”

“They changed it.

How could they not” Mrs.

Wang thought that she was asking about the male and female leads.

Of course, they were replaced.

Tang Yue felt much better.

Lu Corporation would not invest in Su Bei.

They wouldnt be interested in her.

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After this incident, Su Bei would have no work.

Old Master Tang did not look too good, but it was fine.

Lu Group did not fancy Su Bei, but there was still the Tang family! He did not believe that his granddaughter would have no resources!

Tang Yue said regretfully, “Grandpa, it looks like Su Beis luck isnt too good.

Lu Groups Di Xing Media is so generous, yet they want to replace her.

Im afraid shes probably very upset now.”

Just as Tang Yue finished speaking, Li Qisheng smiled and said, “All of us are very optimistic about Su Beis role as Ni Huang, so please look forward to Su Beis acting.”

Su Bei went on stage and bowed to everyone.

“Thank you for your support.”

Dressed in a simple white dress, she stood on the stage and shone brightly.

Li Qishengs attitude toward her was so earnest that Tang Yue was stunned.

“Didnt they say that the cast has changed But Su Bei is still here” Tang Yue muttered to herself in shock.

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